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Monday March 29th, 2004


George Noory


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Encounter with Alien Beings
Drawings by a 'Walk-In'


Metaphysical Communications

Paranormal experiencer and author, Robert Perala ( shared his personal history and theories regarding the unusual communications he receives. He said he gets a lot of information while in a hypnagogic state (between awake and asleep), and that the Earth is on the cusp of a great change, where there will be a shift in consciousness.
He explained that he investigates phenomena such as crop circles, using his own subtle energies, rather than physical tools such as a Geiger counter. Perala believes the non-hoaxed circles are symbols made by ETs in concordance with nature, as a non-threatening demonstration to get humans used to the idea of communicating with other beings.

Perala's abilities to intuit spirits have been compared to that of the boy in The Sixth Sense, and he said that as we go about our lives, we are literally "swimming through an atmosphere of other people who have already finished their physical lives." Every five seconds a soul pops into a new body, he estimated, adding that people have some input in choosing the circumstances of their birth. Yet, ultimately through reincarnation, he said "you must do it allóbe the King, the bum, the warrior," as part of the course of human evolution.

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Perala Images

Robert Perala, pictured lying in a crop circle, sent us two images. He writes:

"The photo of this extraterrestrial (left) was taken by Jeff Greenshaw, the chief of police of Falkville, Alabama in October 1973. What you can't see is the tremendous bright light of colors that emanated from it. Three of these beings manifested before me on December 27th 1977 at 2:30 AM. I got a heck of a sunburn from them. The event changed my life forever...Details from the encounter can be found in Chapter 1 of The Divine Blueprint."

"The drawing you see on the right was done by a walk-in who claimed he had been brought here in a ship 34 years ago. This has sometimes been called the Language of Light...The only thing I was told about the drawing was the symbol at the top of the pyramid represents Psychology, the symbol to the left is Language, the symbol to the right is Focus and Beliefs."
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