Coast to Coast FAQ'S


  1. I don't see a Navigation bar on the left side of the page, which has buttons for Affiliates, Contact etc.
  2. Where can I find out about stations that broadcast Coast to Coast in my area? My local affiliate doesn't play all of Coast to Coast or has discontinued the program. What can I do?
  3. I want to find out the artist of one of the bumper music songs played on the radio show. Where can I get this information?
  4. I missed getting the link for a guest that appeared on the show a few days ago. How can I find this?
  5. I wasn't able to write down the phone number for one of the sponsors of the radio program. Do you have contact info?
  6. How do I go about submitting an image to the Coast to Coast website?
  7. I can't find an item or article on the web page that the host referred to on the radio program. Where should I look for this? Where is the Fast Blast button?
  8. The Coast to Coast web page downloads very slowly on my computer, or causes problems on my system. What can I do about this?
  9. I'd like to print out a schedule of upcoming guests. How can I do this?
  10. I have difficulty reading the text on the site's pages, either due to size or background color. What can I do to remedy this?
  11. Where can I find information about advertising on the Coast to Coast AM website or radio show?
  12. I'm a Streamlink subscriber. How do I make changes to my account? Why can't I hear programs older than 90 days? Where do I find the Show Clips? Where is the low bandwidth alternative for the archives? How do I listen to the show live?
  13. Where can I purchase tapes or transcripts of the shows? Is the program available as an mp3 download?
  14. I have a question about my subscription to After Dark. Where should I direct this?
  15. How do I suggest a guest or topic for the show?
  16. Sometimes the schedule listings on the homepage appear old or out of date. How can I view current listings?
  17. Is George Noory an alien?


  1. If you are not seeing the navigation bar on the left side of the page, you may not have FLASH installed on your browser. It's needed to view the navigation tools such as "Contact". You can download the free FLASH program from here: If for some reason, you don't want to install FLASH, you might want to check out our Printable Schedule Page which has email contacts and some navigation links.

    For those that can't use the FLASH navigation, here are some other links to areas on our site you may find useful:
    Guests A-Z
    Banner Page
    About Streamlink
    C2C Giftshop
  2. Our Affiliates section contains a clickable map, where you can choose the area or state you are looking for. The link for the Affiliates page is the first one on the Navigation Bar. If you don't see the navigation bar, please click here. We don't have control over local affiliates decisions of how and when they broadcast our show. For instance, in some markets, you may hear only 3 out of 4 hours of show. (Conversely some stations might play 6 hours of the show, repeating 2 hours of the previous night). If you have issues with your local affiliates' scheduling of Coast to Coast AM, your best bet, is to contact them directly to let them know how you feel. Links to radio stations' web sites are provided in our Affiliates section. You may also want to consider taking advantage of our Streamlink subscriber service or XM Satellite Radio.
  3. To find out what songs are played on Coast to Coast, just check the nightly Bumper Music list. You can get to it by visiting the corresponding show page (date listed for a show when you click on the More Past Shows button). Once you get to that page, just click on the bumper music button on the top of that page and it will take you to the list. There's also a Master List of all the songs played on the show.
  4. The "More Past Shows" button (upper left or lower right) takes you to a list of programs, with the most recent at the top. To get links to guest's websites and/or books, click the date of the appropriate show, and this will take you to the "Show Page" which contains all the information associated with a particular program, as well as items that were posted on the homepage on that date. You can also look up guests on the master guest list which is available under "guests" under "Show Info" on the left side Navigation Bar. If you don't see the navigation bar, please click here. Additionally, our handy Search Bar, is useful for looking up information on guests or topics.
  5. Here is a list of some of the sponsors who advertise on the show:
    C. Crane-- (CC Trek Light/CC Radio/Versacorder/Tivoli Base): 1-800-522-8863 (
    Lear Financial Gold Investments: 1-800-474-4259 (
    Master Omega 3 Fish Oil: 1-800-606-2117
    Super Prostate Formula: 1-800-603-7277
    Sleep Number Bed: 1-800-390-9100 (
    Master Health Pack: 1-800-453-5346
    Purina One: 1-866-559-7387
    Tahiti Village: 1-866-424-6669
    Vermont Teddy Bear: 1-800-829-2327 (
    Eden Pure Heater: 1-800-546-9093 (
    Zona Plus: 1-888-711-9662 (
    Total Body Pain Spray: 1-800-597-5774
  6. Details about submitting your images and a release form are available on this page.
  7. You may find articles mentioned by the host, posted in the Hot Stories section, on the bottom right of the home page. If the show you are listening to is more than a day old, the link may have moved off the home page. Just click on "More Stories" at the bottom of the Hot Stories section to view older articles. The host may also refer to items under Feature Article (center column of home page) or under Guest Info (top right column). If you are looking for a feature item that they mentioned on a past show, it is likely available on the individual Show Page (More Past Shows button) for that program. You can also use our handy Search Bar to find items, as well as the What's New button just under the search bar on the home page to view certain items and favorites.

    If you have our web page open during a live broadcast, and a link has been added during the show, you may need to hit your REFRESH button in order to view. The Fast Blast feature (sending an instant message to the host) appears just above the HELP button, only during live show hours, 10p-2a Pacific.
  8. While the Coast to Coast AM site has been optimized to take advantage of enhancements that have occurred in recent years for content on the web, some users with older and/or slower systems may experience problems downloading our site. Specifically, we are not compatible with the Netscape 4x series of browsers, and some versions of Web TV. If possible, you may want to upgrade to a newer browser or system. For those that can't, we certainly haven't forgotten you and we seek to make our content available to all. Our printable schedule page is low-bandwidth and contains an up-to-the-minute program schedule, with guest links. It also includes some navigation controls and email contact addresses, and could be used as an alternative homepage for Coast to Coast AM, if so desired.
  9. A printable schedule page is available by clicking on the "Upcoming Shows" button on the lower right side of the homepage. This page contains an up-to-the-minute program schedule, with guest links. It also contains some navigation controls and email contact addresses, and could be used as an alternative homepage for Coast to Coast AM, if so desired. For Windows users, just click "Print" on the upper left of the page. It is automatically set to print in black text on a white background. For Mac users, click PRINT via your browser and make sure background printing is deselected.
  10. Text on the homepage is not resizable in order to preserve the design elements of the page. However, if you are having difficulty reading the text on the homepage, simply highlight (hold right mouseclick down over area) and this will switch the text to blue on a white background. Longer articles and recaps on the homepage are generally continued on a subpage. For all these pages, there is a "font toggler" on the upper right corner of the page, that will allow you to make the text larger.
  11. For details about online advertising opportunities on, please write to Craig Hawkesworth:

    For advertising on the radio show, Coast to Coast AM, contact Stephanie Smith:
  12. Streamlink members can find various options by selecting from the Streamlink menu on the left hand navigation bar. If you don't see the navigation bar, please click here. To make changes to your account visit Customer Service. If you need assistance with using the service, go to the HELP area. As advertised, the Streamlink archives extend back to 90 days of past shows. Shows older than that are listed in our archive for informational purposes.

    To find Show Clips (short segments), click on the date of any corresponding "Show Page". You can get to these by clicking on the More Past Shows button on the upper left. Once you get to the show page, you'll see the clips near the top of the page. These clips are a permanent part of the Streamlink archive and do not fall off after 90 days.

    To find the low bandwidth choice (8k) for the full archived programs, use the same instructions in the above paragraph.

    The "Listen Live" button appears on the site during live broadcast hours starting at 10pm Pacific. You may need to hit your browser's REFRESH button if you've already had the page open.
  13. Cassette sales of the program have been discontinued at this time and we do not sell transcripts. However, Streamlink members can now download mp3 files of the last 90 days of programs which can be burned onto CD discs or played on portable mp3 players. More details.
  14. If you are an existing subscriber, you may call After Dark's customer service #, (386) 447-2370 for assistance. Note: Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery of your first issue. If you are interested in learning more about After Dark or becoming a subscriber visit this page.
  15. To suggest yourself or someone else as a guest for the program, visit this page for details.
  16. Occasionally people's browsers can become stuck and not reflect the most current data. If you are not seeing up-to-date schedule information, try holding down CTRL and hitting the REFRESH button at the same time on your browser. If that doesn't work, you can also try emptying your cache (Tools/Internet Options/General/Delete Temporary Files).
  17. While we cannot answer conclusively, his DNA profile does not match any known species.