Dr. Turi Images
Dr. Louis Turi has sent us the following images and captions:

Dr. Turi's close encounter Nov, 11, 1981 with his brother Jo in the south of France. The spaceship is barely 30 FT above the stalled car.

These photos were taken following the abduction of my wife and I on August 11, 1991, after being downloaded mankind's relationship with the Universal Mind and the working of our Universe. My new life and career started then. I simply could not stop painting every wall of my home.

Shot of a triangle shaped UFO flying by in Sedona sky above Dr. Turi's head. This type of UFO is currently seen in Sedona.

A shot of a 'flying' crop circle taken by two older ladies vacationing in Peru. While touring in England they gave me this pic and found out that it's the replica of a well know crop circle (pictured below).