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Amazing Phoenix UFO

On June 5, 2005, Brian of and his girlfriend witnessed a series of unidentified lights in the Phoenix sky. Using a Sony Handycam in nightshot mode, he captured on tape several of the flying objects as they joined into a larger formation of lights. Approximately 15 minutes later, the objects began flying off in different directions.

Watch the video:
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View large screen captures from the video and read Brian's account in his own words below...

Brian's Account

"My girlfriend and I decided to go to the store at about 10:00 PM (Phoenix Time), and we were driving west towards Avondale on McDowell St. While we were driving I noticed a series of lights appearing out to the right of the car. I saw them doing some strange stuff so I stopped the car at a park and took out my camera, hoping to see them appear again. It took a few minutes, then I saw one big light appear and I started taping in nightshot with the Sony Hanycam. I zoomed into the object just as five more lights appeared around it in sequence. One light came down and joined the formation of lights and then another came down and joined the formation again. I knew I was taping something strange so I turned off the nightshot, enabled the digital zoom and started taping the lights again with the camera in my hand. I noticed the lights started moving in different directions and disappearing. All the lights disappeared and did not return. The entire event lasted about 15 minutes from my first sighting in the car to the last object disappearing."


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