Friday the 13th Gallery III
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Here is an acrylic painting entitled "Latent." The Magician "Evil Wilhelm" is holding a crystal ball. Emerging from the crystal is a microscopic insect that cannot be seen by the human eye, but the Magician can see and feel what we cannot. He is aware of the Latent workings of life and is surrounded by the magical world in which we live. All this while smoking his pipe!
Here's a preliminary sketch for a SciFi/Fantasy novel I've written that incorporates many of the wild theories I've heard on Coast To Coast AM.
Rick Carufel
Dawner's Visions
The drawings submitted are all from visions and lucid dreams I have experienced within the last 8 years. The drawings, I feel, represent astral travel into other dimensions. I have experienced many other strange waking and dream state phenomenon, apocalyptic visions, visitation from dimensional entities etc.; however, these drawings are the beginning of a very important documentation process... thank you Coast To Coast!
Dawner James
Face Eye

Josh Crockett
Unlucky Participants
Unlucky participants receiving alien implants into their brains via the nasal canal.
Eric Black
Inside of me there are monsters. They claw to get out. I apply pen to paper and release them.
Jason Jam
The Face
I am a big fan of Coast To Coast AM and wanted to take this chance to share my work with fellow listeners. I really do not know how to describe my art myself. I suppose it can best be described by an art dealer who I showed my work to last year. He likened it to something his sister would draw and he then went on to explain that his sister is in a mental hospital and told me it was too morbid to be sold in his gallery.
Toby Barbour
Wood Creature
I performed a OBE and found myself in an eerie forest and saw this creature walking about...
Dream Being
I had a rather creepy dream involving this tall gangly being. As soon as I awoke I drew what I could remember before it could fade from my mind. It took me a few months to get used to what I drew.
Joby Cummings

Liza Phoenix
On Nov. 21, 2004 I was experimenting with the concept of Man trying to get to the bottom of himself. Through all the darkness and pitfalls that life has to offer, still a beacon light shines thru, it's called Soul ! Soul is the one thing that we take wherever we go, and Soul remembers Heaven, that why we're always on a search for GOD :) Man must "Unearth" himself to be one with the Universe once again!
Mark C. Lawrence

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