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'Dino in a Cage'

"This is Ted O., I recently called your show about the creature that I captured in my house. Since then I've had some very interesting devolpments. I did end up feeding the creature small rodents. It ate the rodents and seemed to be doing better. We did call a Herpatologist to come look at the creature and he said that he had never seemed anything like it before. After that I was shortly contacted by a member of the National Guard. The man claimed his name was "Sgt. Jones" though he had no uniform on at all. Sgt. Jones purchase the creature from me with a large sum of cash money."

"Since this has happened I have decided to move from Campbellsville and start a new. I have plans to come and live somewhere in the midwest. Thank you all so much. I have included a picture of the creature for you, if you wish to post this on the site please feel free to. Thank you"

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