Coast Memories: 2004 - Part II

We asked people to write in and share their favorite moment, dialogue exchange, or revelation that they heard on Coast to Coast during 2004. Here then, are some of the responses we received:

Of all the ghost stories and UFO sightings I have heard on your show, the interview that truly made the hair stand up on the back of my neck was the night you interviewed Bev Harris. She explained that all the electronic voting machines are rigged and we are basically at the mercy of whoever programs these machines. I remember you, George, saying to her that of all the shows you've had, this one was the most shocking and disturbing. I agree.

I've been a C2C listener for about five years and I think I'd have to say my favorite shows would have to be with Dr. Steven Greer. because he seems to be closer than anyone to bringing out the truth about the subjects that he and his team investigates. and if the reader does not know the nature of these subjects, than we should ask them what cave they have been stuck in. It certainly wasn't a cave in St. Louise. also, Dr. Doom, he's got a lot of information and he sometimes scares the heck out of you. Steve Quayle who's got a knowledge of the ancient world beyond most others. Linda Moulton Howe, who to me feels like our big sister. the way she keeps up on current events, investigating UFO activity around the world, as-well as anything that threatens our health or way of life. And last but certainly not least Richard C. Hoagland, a man who gets more excited about a rock on some other planet than most people do about anything on our own. and I like that! he's definitely got my vote for NASA director. without people like them there would be no need for a station like C2C. for that I thank them all and wish them a great, safe and adventurous New Year.
Robert L.

My favorite 2004 show was probably the one with Dannion Brinkley. I think it was in Oct. or Nov. I also wish there was some way you could replay the one from 4-22-02 because I never heard about that enough in advance to be able to listen to it. I also wish you could replay the election night show and the Christmas Eve angel show because it seemed like every station within the remotest reaches of my radios insisted on pre-empting them!!!
Rebecca W.

I especially enjoyed Morgus the Magnificent. I grew up listening to guys like that on radio and early TV, and even eventually married a radio DJ. Morgus is of the old school, and his wit is still very quick and his diction is superb. I can just see little George hurrying home to catch his show. I could enjoy Morgus every week. "Remember . . . science!!"

While I enjoy most of your programs, guests and hosts, Art Bell is still the man. His interview with author Tess Gerritsen was the high point of 2004 for me. I went out that very week and bought her book "Gravity" since Art seemed especially enthusiastic about it. Well, he was right. It was a great book and having the author's insight into writing it was a plus. I'm now on my fourth Tess Gerritsen book with more to follow I'm sure. Thank you Art for a great interview and turning me on to this great author.
David B.

Dr. Garland Landrith, Ph.D. was a guest early in the year. His presentation on meditation and associated studies included in the movie "What The Bleep Do We Know" impressed several members of the Science of Mind Church in Carson City, Nevada, to the point he was invited to lecture twice, and will return again in 2005. His research and that of others demonstrate what we believe about the power of the mind and that prayer works, scientifically. To paraphrase Shakespeare's Hamlet, there is more in heaven and earth than we shall ever know. Thanks for your great programming and guests.
Laura Adler of Spiritual Living Center, a member of the United Church of Religious Science

I loved hearing Anne Strieber talk to Art during the Dec. 18th program. Anne told about her beloved cat meeting her during her brief glimpse of the other side. My beloved Buster, a 16 year old pug dog friend and companion, was put to sleep on December 6, 2004. I laughed and cried while listening to Anne's interview, and now I have even more hope and comfort knowing that I will see my animal friends as well as my human family and friends who have passed on before me. Thanks everyone, especially Anne, Art and George.

Coast To Coast AM 2004 was a fantastic year. The shows that stick out in my mind the most are the ones with Riley Martin discussing about his alien friends the Biaviians and the recent photos taken of an object located near Saturn which he says is the Biaviians space station. Please have Riley Martin on more often! Another excellent show was the one with Father Andrew Wingate. I've listened to it a few times on Streamlink. Yet another great show was with The Numbers Lady, Glynis McCants. You've got to have her back on the air soon. She's very fun to listen to. But my all-time favorite C2C guest is without a doubt, Sean David Morton. I think Sean is the best and he should be on C2C every week! Thanks again C2C for all the great shows and may you all have a wonderful 2005 and beyond!
Dan W.

I felt the Nov 13th presentation with Fred Allen Wolfe was the most educational and informative for me. Art Bell was the host. I know that time travel will become available in the near future. I have traveled in my soul body into other dimensions during the dream state and have also experienced time travel in a trance-like state, re-experiencing other lives that exist beyond the space time continuum. I am not sure it will be necessary to take our physical body with us in future time travel, as we should be able to beam ourselves into other realities and mock up a hologram body to use in that place. I appreciate this radio show as one of the most enlightening programs on radio today.

Art's SPIRICOM broadcast on this year's Ghost-to-Ghost held me in awe, in fact it was probably the most compelling thing I have ever heard on the radio. I hope this idea has been picked up by some of the shows more inventive listeners and I can't wait to hear of their progress using 21st century technology.
Mike G.
Hitchin, Herts, United Kingdom

My first place pick would have to be Michael Tsarion's, July 12 discussion of extraterrestrial (Nephilim in Atlantis) interference with human DNA to create a slave race. I was profoundly moved as if the "missing link" in our evolution had been found. Second place goes to Maj. Ed Dames for figuring out the why and when of planet Earth's demise, or at least life as we know it. I don't know whether to laugh at the absurdity or cry because of the reality.
Mission Viejo, CA

I have to say George and Art put a good show all the time, each of them has a special something that gives C2C that spark. My favorite George show would have to be the Predictions show with Sean David Morton. My favorite Art Bell Show of 2004 would have to be the Past & Future Lives show from December.
German B.
Los Angeles, CA

Morgus was phantasmatistic! Hopefully he will be able to join you again in 2005 from his secret lab. But for me, the greatest moment of 2004 was the woman caller who claimed to have a premonition of a plane wreck because she had a burning rectum. For the first time in his illustrious career the ever professional George Noory could not control himself for his chortling laughter.
Happy New Year,
Terry Fair
St. Louis, MO

I absolutely love your show! Some of my favorites are Dannion Brinkley, Ann who could see the deceased, anything to do with Ghosts and lastly, Janis Amatuzio (the compassionate coroner) from Minnesota. After listening to her on your show, I ran over to Borders to buy her book and was told she would be there that night. What a pleasant surprise. Janis is amazing and I was not disappointed with her or the book "Forever Ours." Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!
Coon Rapids, MN

My favorite moment of 2004 is when a caller called in around summer time and was talking about superstitions. He said that when breaking a mirror you receive seven years bad luck isn't just a saying. He explained how mirrors absorb the energy of every person who ever looks in it. He said that if you break a mirror that you "better duck" so the energy of every person that looked in it doesn't come right at you. He also suggested that if you move into a new home and you think the mirrors are really old, then change them.

The show I liked the most was the one with R. Gary Patterson, the one talking about rock 'n' roll legends and curses.
Aaron R.
14 years old

So many shows stand out that it is hard to pick just a few. Fred Bell is probably my favorite guest overall. The election roundtable was far more interesting than any of the television coverage, and it actually made more sense. But the funniest moment to me was when Art talked to some ham radio friends who thought they had been victims of "lost time." Then a trucker figured out that there was a new bypass around the town they had supposedly "missed" while driving down the highway. So much for that alien abduction!!
Polly L.

My favorite 2004 shows were the secret society/New World Order conspiracy shows (a la Dr. Stan Monteith, Joel Skousen, Alex Jones, Stan Deyo, Jon Rappoport, others).
Andrew S.

Dannion Brinkley, that aired Nov. 11, 2004, touched my heart. His kindness and caring for our vets is outstanding! Compassion in Action is as good as it can get for all in need. "Love finds a way" is what I remember him saying. How true that is....
Blessings from Peoria,

My favorite C2C moment was when George kicked off Wayne Green and his sidekick when they wouldn't answer a question that involved prophecies from a Sister Lucy I believe. Wayne was telling everyone that an asteroid was going to hit Earth this fall (we're still here) and that everyone should head for some safe designated place or else settle with their maker. They were trying to sell a book about this.
Todd R.

Although I find all Coast To Coast AM shows superbly entertaining and highly educating, My favourites for 2004 include Dr. Michael Salla's "Exo-politics" show on March 3rd, in which he described alien interraction with our governments, Alex Jones' expose of Bohemian Grove on March 11th and Riley Martin's fascinating account of the Saturn mothership on August 20th. However, if I had to pin-point one show as the definitive program, explaining what Coast To Coast AM is, does and exists for, it would have to be David Adair's remarkable life story (October 13th) in which he recounts his transition from Nascar boy-mechanic thru' rocket engineer to micro-gravitational scientist. His recollections of the alien technology he was shown at Groom Lake in 1971 are both lucid and highly believable. I believe this man will eventually come to be regarded as the father of earth-borne anti-gravity physics.
Andy M.
England, UK

The most rememberable part of the 2004 show period for me is the Dan Burish case. What ever happened to him anyway? Even though I did not believe what he was saying, it made for good entertainment that contained UFOs, evolution, conspiracy, even the mayan calander date of 2012. Thanks coast to coast for turning a dull night at home into something as interesting as that.

It must take a lot of courage for the people who contact Peter Davenport to come on the air with him. I really enjoyed his frequent updates throughout the year, and appreciated the candor and passion with which his witnesses spoke while they were on Coast to Coast. I remember one night when there was snow on the ground when I was driving home, heard a story introduced by Peter, and kept staring out the car windows into a dark night thinking I didn't really need to have my own sighting that particular winter evening. Cheers to Peter and the guests he brings to Coast for keeping us informed.
David F.
Knoxville, TN

My Top 5 favorite shows of 2004 were:

1. “Area 51” with Mr. Adair (My all time favorite)
2. “The Killshot” show with Dr. Doom
3. “Christmas Eve Show” with Rosemary Ellen Guiley
4. “Revelation” with John Lear
5. “Exploring Antigravity” Richard C. Hoagland and Tim Ventura

Thanks for all the hard work… Best wishes for a Great 2005!!!
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The best events and/or guests this year have been: the St. Louis cricket, Art eating out of Yeti's kibble dish, always Richard C. Hoagland, Major Ed Dames, Evelyn Paglini, photos of Yeti, EVPs, crystal children, Steven Quayle, always Jim Marrs, Peter Davenport, and Hans Christian King. These are the things I remember most sitting in my garage listening to the radio every night w/coast to coast a.m. The only thing I would like to add to the shows daily would be a webcam -- at least a daily still shot. MORGUS, MORGUS, MORGUS!
Dave K.

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