Coast Memories: 2004 - Part I

We asked people to write in and share their favorite moment, dialogue exchange, or revelation that they heard on Coast to Coast during 2004. Here then, are some of the responses we received:

I really enjoy George on Coast to Coast. Some of my fondest memories are the shows where George has people call in to tell their own stories. The callers who shared their "miracles" on Christmas Eve were wonderful to listen to. I love the wolf howling!! Hans Christian King and James Van Praagh are two of my favorite guests. They are so gentle and interesting. They shine hope where ever they go.

George himself is one classy guy! I admire his integrity and his kindness and patience to people who call in. That means a lot!! Richard Hoagland and Peter Davenport are always good too. I love it when the truckers call in to tell their ghost stories and they give a big "HONK" on their horns!

I don't know what I'd do without your show. I have a medical condition that causes quite a bit of pain and I don't sleep well as a result of it, I can always count on listening to your show on the radio. It helps me feel better.
Have a great New Year!
Lisa W.

Roger Leir's Brazilian Roswell on August 29th! Of all the UFO stories I've ever read or heard this one is so interesting because of the live alien sightings by civilians, fire and rescue, and doctors. It's recent occurrence with multiple witness possibilities who are still alive (and talking) make this particular incident a must study !!
art p.

My favorite program of the year was when Art Bell interviewed Matthew Alper. The program was pretty funny. Perhaps my favorite bit was when Art recalled the time when he gave out Matthew's home phone number on the air when he first interviewed Mr. Alper. I also enjoyed Dr. Doom's appearances. Alex Jones may have been George's best show of the year, 11/03.
God Bless,
Michael A. Mudrak

My favorite C2C moment this past year was J.C. calling Art. I always wanted to hear J.C. and Atheist Bill debate on C2C. I know, I have a warped sense of humor! I'm a longtime listener!!! It happens!!!
Scarlett Miles
Eagle Point OR

Truly enjoyed the shows on secret societies. I've always been interested in them. I hope you do more. Also, like Steven Quayle. Love the streamlink mp3s, too.
Lynn K.

Saturday October 30th is just one of my many favorites. I also enjoyed shows on the secret societies, ufo's and so many more. The recordings however were unbelievable, as you could actually hear the spirits voices. The show with Sylvia Browne, great! --Dr. Wayne Dyer great!, and also the Witch which was on Art's show wonderful. Thanks so much for all the information on the weather and its changes. Over the course of this year I have become an avid listener.
Andrea M.

Hi Coast! My favorite show was Morgus the Magnificent.
Carol M.

My four favorite shows from 2004 are:
Matthew Alper, 12/5/04, the best moment there was when he challenged a caller who is a passionate Christian by asking if she had lived before 'Yahweh' had 'revealed himself' to the Hebrews, could she have imagined that she may have worshiped Zeus or Amen-Ra with the same passion ...and completely stumped her so that she was unable the question! Lovely! I am currently reading his book the God Part of the Brain, and have recommended it to many of my friends and family.

The other shows that stand out for me were (in this order) Michael Tsarion-07/12/04, Lionel Fanthorpe-8/10/04, and Eric Brende-08/28/04. And also the show regarding Indigo and Crystal Children with Doreen Virtue.

The most memorable story from one of the callers has to be from a man who, when his father died, had a dream about an Eagle Scout Medal his father wanted him have, and ceramic mugs his father had made were donated to a thrift shop many years before...and were found in another thrift store by his mother when visiting relatives out of town.
Maria Denitto, New Brunswick, NJ

My favorite shows include those discussing EVP. I'll never forget the chills that ran down my spine when the man recording the EVPs fell down the stairs in a mausoleum and a ghost said, "Are you okay?" Good Stuff!
S. Downton

Sir Charles Shults III hit the nail on the head in 2004 on his findings of water and fossils on the surface of Mars. I have spend thousands of hours studying and viewing all released satellite photos and all rover mission photos released from Mars including Viking 1 and 2. My conclusion is that life is abundant on Mars contrary to popular belief…Mars is loaded with magnificent statues, monuments, hieroglyphics, artifacts and miniature cyborgs take it to the bank. This is not a joke…
Rik Riley

I really like the round table discussions. This is a great asset to the shows-- I drive all night and really get alot of good things to contemplate during these broadcasts.
thank you,
Liam Campbell

My most memorable moment in 2004,

ART: West of the Rockies you're on the air, cheerio.........
JC: Yes it's about time you open up the lines to the lords........

I can only say I've listened to that single call about 800 million times and not just me but everyone I work with, and JC's biggest fan is MY WIFE!!!! I bet I get a request to play that phone call once or twice a week for her on the way home from work. I LOVE IT!!!!!...and George I think your call screener does a great job but maybe.... just maybe you could give him a few nights off every now and then!! You never know when a JC or some other crackpot might call in and give us a few good laughs.
Nashville, TN

I definitely loved the program where George cut that guy off his show when he was just trying to push his book! That guy had supposedly visited with Sister Lucy and had pertinent information, but when George asked him what she had to say, the guy said he wasn't allowed to discuss it. Way to go George!!! You're so much more credible to me after you showed us listeners that you weren't going to allow someone to just push their books, tapes, et... to make a bunch of money!
Terri in Rockford, IL

I lived in a house for four years that had a ghost, and enjoy hearing other stories about up close and personal accounts of ghosts. However the night a trucker called while driving on an Oklahoma Road not far from where I live, about a driverless car that was following him, I got more than a little spooked. From the sound of the trucker's voice, he was really frightened. I had to turn off the radio and read awhile as I got a little frightened too. That road the trucker was on was only about 10 miles away.

I took a ferry from Juneau, Alaska down to Bellingham, Washington last Spring. The voyage took several days. On the second night I tuned my walkman and found a station that was broadcasting "Coast to Coast." The station is located in Sacramento, California. I was waaay up from there when I found your broadcast. And as I sat on the bench and looked at the water gliding by...watched the stars and the moon in the dark night sky...and listened to your show...I decided that heaven will be like that. It's a great memory. Sincerely,
Ruth Rader
Portland, OR

My two votes go to Doreen Virtue and Wayne Dyer. Both of them are inspiring examples of living a positive, joyful life through alignment with spirit. I felt energized and hopeful as I approached the challenges of my next day. A welcome contrast to several high-profile doom-and-gloom predictors spewing thoughts of darkness, evil and despair. If the world was more positive in its relation to life and spirit, perhaps the most dire possibilities will simply dissipate into the realm of did-not-happen!

I don't usually believe in these sorts of things, but I do now. I also always thought of Uri (Geller) as being a new age kook, but it is interesting to note that we all have the ability to effect change on a physical scale with or minds, especially in a group.

I listened to one of the shows a month or so ago when he was on and partook in the consensus where everyone concentrated and said "WORK !" in regards to something we wanted to happen. When I did so I focused on my cd player that I had bought at Army Navy that had worked at the store but not when I had gotten it home. For some reason, I waited to actually test it. (Mind you nothing i had done prior had gotten it to work properly). Well two weeks later I thought about it and tried out the thing fully expecting it not to work, and wouldn't you know it worked perfectly!

What I've learned is that no matter how much of a fraud someone may be or that we think they are, they have the potential to make things happen in harmony. Wouldn't it be great if we all focused that energy on ending the War in Iraq?
Ed Baril

Art Bell was interviewing a woman, blind from birth, who had a near death experience. She was in a horrible car accident, and Art asked if she was driving the car. After an awkward pause, she said no, and then, after another awkward pause, Art realized his gaffe and moved on.

I think my best memory of your shows was Richard Hoagland and the picture of the crinoid. Absolutely amazing!!! Mars once had life, and Richard has made me believe that Mars is alive NOW. I love it !!

Coast to Coast A.M. with George Noory and Art Bell to me is more than just your run-of-the-mill talk show, it's an arena of learning. Unlike most talk shows that lean in one direction and tell us what to decide, Coast allows us to decide, to choose what we want to and respect us for choosing. I respect Coast as do the mainstream media who are now asking the questions Coast has been asking years before. Coast is extremely powerful. But even with power, there is a sense of family.

Though I've been a listener for more than one year, I feel the warmth, the closeness amongst total strangers as a member of Streamlink. I call Coast members a dysfunctional family and fellow member Majestic Peaks says, "We put the fun in dys"FUN"ctional." And at nights, fellow member Fuzzywuz and I discuss different theories, different conspiracies before and during the show, because it is so exciting! Coast opened up my heart and my mind to a whole new world, and I hope and pray that Coast to Coast continues to succeed, as we all know that the black ops and the powers that be want to keep us down, Coast shall allow us to rise. God bless everyone in Coast and have a happy and prosperous new year.
Tim AKA Japanese_American

I'll never ever forget the show on the Coral Castle, and the life of Ed Leedsklanin. I was in the hospital so sick, and for 4 hours I forgot my pain.
Gene Morris

By far the greatest revelation I had when listening to Coast to Coast were the shows about the Knights of the Golden Circle. As a youngster I heard stories of these people but took them as just a story. Incidentally, I was born and raised in the South where the people were still fighting the Civil War.
Pahrump, Nevada

I still laugh when I think about George's comedic timing when the woman said she would turn him into a gingerbread boy. He made hilarious comments throughout the show that still make me laugh when I think of them. Thanks George.
Happy Holidays to Coast to Coast,

These are some "Coast moments" that stood out for me in 2004.
"Roundtable I & The Great UFO Debate" - Two episodes that had that "big event" feel to them and made them a happening and not just a radio show. I've listened to both of these episodes at least 5 or 6 times since they first aired.

"Eugene Mallove Dies" - The heartbreaking saga of first Art breaking the news on the Saturday show and then Noory having Mallove's colleague on Monday and then the tear jerking tribute episode with Joanne Mallove and Dr. James Kornberg and the rebroadcast of Mallove's February appearance. This episode, more than any other this year, took a show that often deals with fanciful subjects and brought it suddenly back to reality.

"The Noory 500" - That first half hour on 6.3.4. The president of Premiere Radio calls, congratulates George for hosting 500 episodes and then it segues into an awesome segment where a whole host of Coast guests and behind the scenes specialists gushing over George. Hilarious and heart warming.

If I may be so bold as to list a quick top 3 of my C2C shows; strangely, all were in October.
* Most pressing--Matt Savinar on peak oil(Oct. 24)
* Most intriguing--Sir Charles Shults, evidence of fossils on Mars(Oct.16)
* Most entertaining--Morgus the Magnificent(Oct. 15)
Thank all of you for your fine work, PLEASE keep it up.
Tom Ouellette
Waterville, Maine

When you had Robert Chapman on back in (I think) May, a whole new world was opened up to me. I've never heard anyone tell it like it is regarding the economy and world politics. As a result of hearing him I've been exposed to so many more things. His appearance on C2C has really shed light on things I haven't really understood until then, and sent me down paths I never would have known of. I hope you have him back again, and often. Thanks for doing what you do!!
Tom D.

I had so many favorite shows, some of extreme importance (mad cow), some of shocking conspiracy (911), but on the funny side there is one that stands out in my mind. I believe it was in October maybe, during some open lines George got a call from a lady who started to talk about a very "cool" out of body experience. She talked about how she was flying through space backward and she was in a nightgown and the wind was making her rectum cold. It was the funniest thing I've heard on the show, George said "well, I don't know what to tell you about that...we better take a break." You can hear the engineer busting up in the background.
Samson of Grass Valley CA

I became a new listener in October, via the subscription service! However my favorite show was with Art Bell October 30th, with the ghost hunters as guests. They really seemed sincere, and was fun listening to Art's reactions to some of the ghostly voices played back by the hunters. Some were truly chilling, and again to hear Art's at times "stunned" reaction, really made it an interesting show. There were many others that were great, but to me this really stood out!
Larry from CT

I especially loved the very intriguing show on Rock and Roll curses and legends—R. Gary Patterson. The author's knowledge of Buddy Holly, James Dean, Jim Morrison and many others was tremendous and very fascinating. When some East Coast listeners may nod off by the 3rd hour, that particular show kept me up til dawn.
Dan Tabor
Richmond VA

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