Graham Phillips Images
Graham Phillips provided us with these images and captions.

Graham Phillips examines ancient artifacts found on the seabed around the Greek island of Santorini. Analysis of such finds may provide evidence for his theory that a volcanic eruption on the island in the fourteenth century BC caused the Exodus plagues and also gave rise to the legend of Atlantis.

Tomb 55 in Egyptís Valley of the Kings shortly after it was discovered in 1907. Graham Phillips believes it holds clues to reveal the truth behind the account of the ten plagues of Egypt given in the Bible.

The strange coffin found in Tomb 55: the identity of its occupant had been ritualistically erased by the ancient Egyptians. Could he have been the mysterious pharaoh of the Exodus?

A 3000-year-old Egyptian staff in Englandís Birmingham Museum. Its hieroglyphic inscription persuades Graham Phillips that it was made for the historical Moses and may have been the sacred rod that the Bible says was used to part the Red Sea.