Charles Ostman Images
Charles Ostman shares the following images and descriptions with us:

"Neural BioChip"

This is a 3D rendering of a neural prosthetic biochip, designed as a device to enhance or "correct" neural signals. Such devices are already being developed, for applications ranging from epileptic seizure control to various forms of sensory (including vision) restoration. This image is actually a scene from a film titled "Nanotechnology - Age of Convergence", based on various subjects that were part of a book being developed at the time. This film was created by a group of over 30 students and instructors (including myself) at the San Francisco Academy of Art College computer graphics facility, and was eventually shown on PBS television, at the SigGraph '97 conference, and has been featured in numerous publications.


This series of images was created by the morphing together of dual 3D raytraced "virtual world" images, utilizing an artificial life routine to drive the control points in the morphing engine. Both of the virtual world images themselves are renderings of 3D artificial lifeforms, which were subsequently morphed together with an artificial lifeform driven process, hence the title, "organomorph".


This image is from a series of slide presentations developed to explain, in this case, the synergistic relationship and process cycle of applied nanobiology, structural proteomics, biological metaphors in computing, and "in-silico biology" (complex physiological systems modeling). The interesting point here is that all of these technologies exist today, now, and collectively accelerate these separate but highly interdependent realms of development.