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World Trade Center 09-11-04

On this year's anniversary of 9/11 they again used lights to represent where the twin towers once stood. This year, unlike in the past, there were peculiar bright streaks floating through the lights from bottom to top. My friend, who has deep sense of justice and an eye for beauty, took these remarkable pictures from the New Jersey side, capturing the absolute beauty of the event. Accompanying is a close-up of the odd streaks that could be seen in the beams of light. We are hoping someone will have an explanation for this odd occurrence. If any reader has a thought on this subject they can e-mail us at Just a reminder: This is copyrighted material but we are compelled to show it to your listeners.

--Bob M.

Update: The jury’s in…and it seems the streaks are moths, thousands of them. We received a good number of e-mails from visitors who recounted their observation of great stream of moths attracted to the light. It seems it is a phenomenon seen often in Las Vegas as well.
--Bob M

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