Friday the 13th Gallery II
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Beast From the Forest
I was born in Seattle Washington on March 27th 1970. I have been interested in visual arts since I can remember. Since 2000 Iíve had a bit of a revelation about focusing on my art and painting. I made a great connection through the internet to the burgeoning Fantastic/Visionary art scene. From that point I went on to study the Misch technique in Austria and Monaco making many connections, studying and visiting with such visionary luminaries as Prof. Ernst Fuchs, HR Giger,. More recently I went to the Amazon jungle to paint with Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffman where we participated in ceremonies ingesting the shamanic brew Ayahuasca. I am also in a music project called Black Noise Cannon. As for any meaning in my work I think the beauty and power of visual art is that it's open to the individualís interpretation. Question what you see, consider what you don't, draw your own conclusions...
Bryan Ward
Beginning at the age of four and up until sixteen, I would have terrifying nightmares involving sleep paralysis and vague visions of something very thin, white, and horrific. This painting represents my feelings just after struggling to wake.
Chuck Hazard
The Phantom in The Hallway
Provided below is a sketch of an apparition I witnessed while visiting at my fiancee's Grandparent's house about a year ago. I was sitting in the parlor talking with them, when I saw this in the corner of My eye materializing in the hallway. I happened to have my sketchbook, so I went to draw it, and the result closely resembles the image I saw.
Draconis Blackthorne
This was from back in my film school days. (My first attempt at painting) The project was to paint two pictures representing opposite themes. I chose good & evil. This was the "evil" painting.
J.P. Lawless
Mythological Realm
I discovered H.P. Lovecraft early on in my rabid childhood readings and spent many hours snared in the moist tentacles of a dreamworld spawned by His tales. I also woke up many times twisted tightly within my sweaty blankets in the morning - hahahahah! I submit to you; therefore, a caricature of one of my frightening visits to the outskirts of the big C's mythological (?) realm.
Bob Culbertson
Wraith Dance
Inspired by the monster from Stephen King's movie It. I created these creatures for the cover of a comic book.
Darrin LeBlanc
Night Visitors
I am an artist who lived in the city most of my life, and now live out in the woodlands of northwest NJ. I can't believe the strange sounds I hear at night from the forest; everything from coyotes howling to what sounds like a woman shrieking. Someone told me it is a rabbit being killed by an owl or hawk. Creepy. Night Visitors was inspired by my vision of a witch with her beloved black cat, Friday. Late at night, I lay in bed listening to the whispers, hissing and howling of these two in the woods...
June Ponte
The Truth Behind Cattle Mutilations...Now if they could only figure out how to milk them!
I was reading about cattle mutilations one day and the line "got milk?" popped into my head. Thought it would make a funny image so I went to work.
This is a Quick sketch of a part of a dream I had last friday night.
John McLay
Man Hag
Late one night about a year ago, I was asleep in my room when I half awoke to strange sensations including a tingling vibration throughout my body and a loud buzzing drill sounding noise that became increasing louder second by second. I tried to open my eyes and sit up in bed but I couldn't move a muscle...I felt completely paralysed. The buzzing stopped and I could hear the sounds of the city street coming in through the window. After about 30 seconds of consciously focusing on it I was able to finally peel my eyelids open. Everything slowly came in to focus...first the window dully illuminated by a street lamp shining through the curtain. My eyes slowly panned across the room (I still could not move any other part of my body) and shapes began to come into focus. I was terrified when I realized that walls appeared to be covered with large black spiders resembling tarantulas crawling in all directions. I convinced myself this must all still be a dream, but my eyes were definitely open and I was certainly awake. I continued looking around the room and began to sweat with fear. To my horror I saw this ghoulish apparition standing between my bed and the doorway just staring at me with vacant eyes! Although it resembled an actual person in every way, I felt such an ominous presence in the room that I knew it was not from this world. I couldn't speak, but I tried to yell GET OUT OF HERE NOW! as loud as I could. It vanished into thin air, and I slowly regained my ability to move. I walked into the kitchen, lit a cigarette and poured myself a small glass of bourbon on the rocks.
Dennis Kardys

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