Table 1. Extraterrestrial Races Cooperating with the Military-Industrial-Extraterrestrial Complex

ET Races

Main Activities

Resulting Global Problems

‘Short Grays’

(Zeta Reticulum & Orion)

Abducting civilians, genetic experiments, mind programming, monitoring humans through implants, cloning and creation of human-Gray hybrids.

• Traumatized ‘abductees’,

• genetically modified humans

• humans monitored with implants

• mind programmed ‘abductees’

‘Tall Grays’


Genetic experiments, creating a hybrid human-Gray race, mind control and diplomatic agreements with the ‘shadow government’.

• genetically modified humans

• humans monitored with implants

• mind programmed ‘abductees’

• political elites compromised

• national security agencies infiltrated

Indigenous Reptilians


Manipulating human elites, institutions & financial systems, influencing religious belief systems, militarism & removal of history of human civilization.

• human rights abuses

• elite corruption & domination

• control of the media & corporations

• divisive religious dogma

• historical amnesia

• culture of violence

Draconian Reptilians

(Alpha Draconis)

Controlling human elites, institutions & financial systems, militarism, creating a climate of scarcity, struggle and insecurity, harvesting humans, manipulating Grays and Earth Reptilians.

• Concentrated global wealth & poverty

• Corrupt elites & institutions

• ethnic/religious violence,

• human rights abuses

• culture of violence & terrorism

• drug trade & organized crime


(Sirius B)

Participate in technology exchange programs that promote military cooperation to potential extraterrestrial threats.

• Covert weapons research

• Use of exotic weapons

• Black budgets

• militarism.



Control long term human evolution through elite groups, systems and institutions, and manipulating human consciousness. Compete with Draconians for control of Earth.

• Elite manipulation

• religious fundamentalism

• patriarchal global culture

• culture of violence

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Excerpted from:
A Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races