Friday the 13th Gallery I
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Stick People Dreams
As a child I used to have a reoccurring dream involving these beings that, for lack of a better reference, I described as stick people. When I would have this dream experience it always ended with me struggling to wake up from a paralyzed state. It still frightens me to this day at the age of 50. I mustered up enough courage recently to paint this and I still find it difficult to look at. Charles Hazard/

Tongue Zombie
I wanted to do a zombie that would stand out in a crowd. It's a simple pencil sketch.
Stephan Desy

A Green Dream
This is a painting I had done, of a dream while living in the Channel Islands. This dream may parallel an old hag story or night terrors, but for myself at the time it felt quite real. On the night of the dream I awoke and thought I was quite awake as I felt something watching me. I then looked up to the left and saw a bright green glowing light, as soon as I noticed this light my body froze...It was all I could do to move my eyes to my left to see if my wife was aware of what was happening to me...At this point this light seemed to scan up and down my body as though I was getting an MRI or something, my terror increasing until I sat straight up screaming, scaring the life out of my better half who was not too impressed with being wakened in such away. Paul Cousteils

Childhood Dream
I've been an avid listener since 1993. Was in the Navy on submarines. Art Bell kept many a lonely night at bay while on missions at sea. This image, done in a 3D graphics program, is of a childhood dream I had.
Emilio Alvarado

Forever Vampire
This is an older piece from my gallery...inspired by the TV Show "Forever Knight" of your recent guests had written for that show (the Twilight Zone guy).
Brandi Jasmine - Writer, Photographer, Illustrator

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