Marie Jones Material
Marie Jones sent us some material to accompany tonight's presentation:

The Golden Ratio is considered a sacred geometrical measurement found throughout nature. Even our own bodies can be measured by the Golden Ratio.

The Universe may be made up of a handful of numbers, or mathematical
that describe how stars, galaxies, even life is formed.

Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man and the Golden Ratio. Is the human body divinely designed?

The pineal gland may hold some of the keys to higher psychic abilities and conscious awareness in human beings. Could the time prompts be activating the pineal gland?

Benford's Law-- also called the first-digit law, states that in lists of numbers from many real-life sources of data, the leading digit is distributed in a specific, non-uniform way. According to this law, the first digit is 1 almost one third of the time, and larger digits occur as the leading digit with lower and lower frequency, to the point where 9 as a first digit occurs less than one time in twenty.