William Henry Images
William Henry has provided several images to accompany his interview on tonight's program.

The Apotheosis of George Washington, by Constantin Brumidi, in the Dome of the U.S. Capitol. Washington is in a tunnel with an inner gate of 72 stars (in other words a 'stargate'). (Photo by Wm. Henry) On the right, a similar warping of space is found in NASA's image of a craft opening a hole in space.

Washington is enthroned on a rainbow with the 'Sun gate' or 'Sun tunnel' behind him. (Photo by Wm. Henry) On the right is a detail of Jesus enthroned on a rainbow with heavenly beings all around him. Note the 'Sun gate' or 'Sun tunnel' behind him.

Crowning the Capitol is a 19.5 foot-tall statue of the goddess Freedom. (Photo by Wm. Henry) Freedom wears a crown of stars. The statue's designer, Thomas Crawford, says this indicates her starry origin. An eagle 'morphs' from her head. The eagle has ostrich feathers, the symbol of the Egyptian goddess to Truth and Justice, Maat.

Barack Obama's campaign icon designed by the Chicago-based Sol Sender presents Obama as the modern day sun-god. "We were looking at the "O" of his name and had the idea of a rising sun and a new day," Mr. Sender said. "The sun rising over the horizon evoked a new sense of hope." The three red rays symbolized Obama’s platform of hope, opportunity, newness. The letter 'O' symbolically represents Obama as the white hot sun. The Blue bow represents the dome of heaven. Flipped (see center image), the C becomes a boat for the Sun to ride upon. In Egyptian wormhole symbolism Osiris is the sun god who rides the sun boat. Does the 'O' then symbolize Obama as the sun god Osiris? Reuters put it all together (see image on far right).

Schwaller de Lubicz’s Temple of Man superimposed over the Capitol "casket." Special thanks to U.S. Capitol Historical Society for Capitol drawing.

The Car of Time in Statuary Hall. The goddess Clio (Isis) traverses space and time in George Washington's winged chariot or Mer-Ka-Ba. Isis stands over the sign of Sagittarius, which points to the galactic center. Is this an allusion to the 2012 alignment with the center of our galaxy? (Photos by Wm. Henry)