CPTR Material
We received images of aerial anomalies in Marley Woods from Ted Phillips and the Center for Physical Trace Research (CPTR):

Marley Woods- Amber Objects photographed by the CPTR's Special Investigations Unit

Marley Woods- May 3rd and 5th, 2008 Amber Object

Marley Woods- May 3rd and 5th Amber Object 2

Marley Woods- Stationary Amber Object in time exposure of starfield

Marley Woods- Surveillance video still frame of light ball

Additionally, you can check out two video links they sent us:
  • Actual video footage taken from the Marley Woods on May 3 & 5, 2008 of Amber objects.
  • Recreation of the Moonshaft (an artifact in Slovakia).

    You can also view previous material Phillips sent us for during his 2007 show appearance.