John Stanley Photos
JOHN STANLEY, in a pose taken at the 2007 Wondercon in San Francisco, stands near the sign that helped to make CREATURE FEATURES one of the most popular shows in the San Francisco-Bay Area during its run from 1971-1984. This "motto" was first introduced by his predecessor, Bob Wilkins. Both horror hosts did the shows in normal clothing without portraying monstrous beings. "It was always my contention," says Stanley, "that it was the guest who wore the costume or played the character. I was the seemingly normal one with a fascination to probe what I called the Unseen World Around Us as depicted in our pop culture. I specialized in interviewing some of the great sci-fi and horror figures: Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, Ray Bradbury, Robert Bloch, Arnold Schwarzenegger, even Lucille Ball." His new book, I WAS A TV HORROR HOST, tells the whole "terrifying" story.

Why would Hollywood glamour star Carroll Baker agree to appear on John Stanley's Creature Features show back in the 1980s, when most of his guests were hideous monsters and demons from beyond the grave? "Because," Stanley explained, "in those days I featured figures of all kinds."

Leonard Nimoy appeared on John Stanley's Creature Features in 1980 to discuss STAR TREK but almost walked off the show because a fan who pursued him everywhere he went was lurking outside the TV station.

JOHN STANLEY on the set of CREATURE FEATURES, the San Francisco-Bay Area Saturday night series he hosted for six years.