Michael Cremo Images
We received several images & captions from Michael Cremo to accompany his presentation:

Grooved spheres from South Africa that are dated at 2.8 billion years old.

"When I visited Bulgaria a couple of years ago in 2003, a Bulgarian anthropologist, the head of an anthropology institute there, showed me in the institute museum a skeleton of an ancient Bulgarian (about 7,000 years old) that was buried in the fetal position. He said that to him, this indicated that the ancient Bulgarian people believed in reincarnation. In his opinion, the skeleton was buried in birth (fetal) position, because the people thought the person was going to take birth again."

Michael Cremo wished to explore the California Gold Country to discover some of the key geological features from the accounts incorporated in Forbidden Archeology. He is pictured at the entrance to the Montezuma Tunnel-- a number of archeological anomalies were discovered in the tunnel back in the Gold Rush days.