Excerpt from Worker in the Light
The following is excerpted from Chapter 9 of Worker in the Light, by George Noory and William J. Birnes:

"But you can get yourself into a lot of trouble if you muck around with changing time," a caller suggests.

And the caller is right, especially if you try to turn forces of good toward the dark side. In fact, as I found out the hard way, just poking around on the dark side can boomerang in ways you would never expect.

My friend and guest on Coast to Coast, national bestselling author, paranormal researcher, and radio host, Joel Martin, tells an incredible story of the Amityville Horror, a case he investigated at the time the story of the haunted house on Long Island was first in the news. He says that at first go-round, there was no ghost. The complete story was a hoax. It was fabricated as a story to enhance the value of the house, to exploit the story of the mass murder of the De Feo family perpetrated by the eldest son, Butch. After the story was first publicized by the new owners of the house, the Lutz family, who had moved in after the house was put back on the market, moved right out. They said the place was haunted by evil spirits, perhaps the spirits that had driven Butch De Feo to kill his parents and younger siblings. And author Jay Anson was writing a book to prove it.

Joel Martin had hosted Long Island parapsychologist Stephen Kaplan on his popular radio show, "Spectrum," a number of times where Kaplan revealed that it was George Lutz who had called him, asking him to investigate the strange occult happenings at the residence. Kaplan explained to Joel, who subsequently became part of the investigation, that George Lutz's story seemed to change and evolve, which told him that he might have been researching the occult even before he bought the house. By the end of the first part of this tale, Joel Martin revealed to me in our on-air interview, even George Lutz pulled back from some of his claims about a haunted house.

In fact, as Joel Martin later revealed in his interview with me on Coast to Coast, the true story of the hoax finally came out with statements from Butch's defense attorney, William Weber, that he had actually created the story with George Lutz. The whole story had been made up. Joel says that Lutz bought a house that was simply too expensive and he had to get out from under the financial burden. So he and William Weber sat down and jointly came up with a story of a haunting and possession by demons. This was a story for profit, of course, delivered to Jay Anson for the book and subsequently for the feature film. But it was also a story to provide an evidentiary mechanism to get Butch DeFeo back into court for a new trial, a version of "the Devil made me do it." But here is where the story gets very strange.

The story of a house haunted by demons that terrorized a family was so compelling that even though the local police force called it a hoax, as did the local diocese, exorcists seemed to appear from out of the woodwork. One of them, Joel told me, was the very celebrated Father Malachi Martin. It was at the point that the exorcisms began that bad things began to happen. Joel Martin explains that it was as if Father Martin and the other paranormal practitioners opened up the heavy door of a pit into the other world, out of which flew all kinds of evil. Joel said that as an investigator, he experienced all sorts of malevolent events, including the death of his former wife as the result of a freak set of occurrences. The Amityville Horror story may have started out as a hoax, Joel explains, but the very act of opening a doorway into the world of dark spirits, the world of evil, let these spirits into our world where they began wreaking havoc in the lives of those circulating around the story. Amityville is a case in point. When you let your guard down, when you open a door -- as I did with that Ouija board -- you don't know who will come through that door.

I heard another story about Malachi Martin, which was very instructive about the nature of evil and how it enters the world through the frivolous behavior of unwary individuals. This story was told to a friend of mine by one of his editors at a publishing company that specialized in textbooks on psychology. At a very staid academic conference of psychologists and philosophers on the nature of evil, most of the afternoon attendees were nodding off from their wine after the lunch banquet. I heard that even the most polite of the professors and scholars were having a hard time keeping awake, an occasional snore could be heard from the speaker's podium as presenters tried to liven up their papers with jokes inserted at the last minute.

It was late in the day when Father Malachi Martin's group took the podium and gave their presentation on the nature of evil. They had video, they had slides, as I understood it. As one participant observed, by the time the group had delivered its paper, the audience, to the last academic, was sitting bolt upright, rigidly seized by a fear of what they had seen. If they had come to discuss the intellectual nature of evil, they were ill-prepared to stare into the very face of real evil and the way evil can overtake the unwary. Just what did they see?

If there is a doorway into Hell, a tiny corridor between dimensions through which demons can creep to prey upon the souls of the living, Malachi Martin's presentation showed exactly where it was: in the psyches and souls of every individual. Each of us is capable of opening that door and without any warning, allowing the demons who reside on the other side to enter our psyches and make us their prey. What did Malichi Martin show his audience? He showed them actual photos of a young psychotherapist wanting to understand the nature of evil so she could help her patients, who, in a Faustian moment of hubris, stared at a swinging pendulum until she fell into a trance. Once there, she consciously focused on evil. Be careful what you ask for. She got much, much more than she bargained for. In fact, she so opened her psyche to evil, evil entered her very being. For an ensuing few years, until she sought the help of Father Martin, she was possessed by an evil presence. It destroyed her will by preying upon her like a virus until she could no longer function. She suffered physically, laboring from day to day under a crippling clinical depression that almost robbed her of a will to live. Her career suffered. She struggled emotionally with a pervasive sense of self worthlessness. She was like a ship adrift. It would take months of therapy and exorcisms to rid this young woman of the demon that possessed her. Such was the power of evil once she opened herself up to it.

Needless to say, the academic audience watching videos of this woman, who had almost been transformed into a bizarre-looking creature, hearing the sounds of the demons inside her wailing their challenge to Father Martin, and seeing the palpable presence of evil within their very midst, recoiled in terror. They had come to study evil under a microscope, handle it with tweezers, discuss it as an abstract reality. But, in that very conference room, they stared at evil in the face and had no words to describe it.

Suddenly evil was not an abstract concept but a living entity. Philosophy was fine, but this was like the chair you trip over in the dark instead of the erudite theoretical writings a graduate student would deconstruct for her doctoral thesis. Psychology was fine, too, but here was a subject who seemed to have gone beyond a traditional DSM description and into another realm. Her soul was suffering as well as her psyche. And, as the conference attendees saw, she had physical manifestations of a constellation of symptoms that bespoke of an invasion of her body from another realm. You can talk about evil, but when evil talks about you that's another story.

The real fear, of course was not just that evil exists, but that it could enter this dimension via a gateway that seemed to be controllable by someone's volition. This patient had opened a door into darkness. She had thrown open a lock that, when closed, keeps evil out. When opened, even without the magical incantations of a witches' coven stirring a bubbling cauldron over a burning fire, the doorway let something menacingly real slip between dimensions and into our world. This presupposed the existence of another universe, an alternate reality, in which bad things existed who, given the opportunity, would prey upon unsuspecting or willing inhabitants of our universe.

This person's experience presupposed something that Don Juan, the Yaqui Indian shaman told author Carlos Castenada that in the other dimension that parallels ours, there are allies and enemies, allies upon whom we can rely to protect us and enemies who shadow us in our daily lives and reach out to hurt us. Most of us, unaware of these allies or enemies, go about our daily lives manipulated by the moral gravitational pulls of warring entities. According to Don Juan, however, the war they fight is over individual human beings. We are the spoils of war as well as the prey. As dangerous as this sounds for those who go through life unaware of this war, life is even more precarious for those who become aware the other dimension because they can see the dangers that lie underfoot. And, just like Bilbo and Frodo, who wore the one ring that made them all, once you see the enemies on the other side, you become a threat to them and they coalesce around you...