North American Mound Artifacts, Page 1
Glenn Kimball writes: "There are over a hundred man made mounds located from the East Coast to west of the Mississippi and from Canada to Mexico. One in eight of them have produced some sort of artifact. There were also golden, copper and silver artifacts, jewelry, tools and weapons found. The writing on the stone varies with the region, but the ones here are all written in ancient Negev, which was a written language from south of Jerusalem into Egypt. Other languages included languages composed of mixtures of Coptic, Greece and Hebrew. The stones were carved from a variety of stones. Some of them were made of clay so that they were easier to work with."

Below are images of some of these artifacts, along with Kimball's commentary:

A) This is obviously a woman with a pharaoh's hat. This may have been the image of Hatshepsut
who sent an armada to the Americas searching for trade. This is a clear example of some of the Negev writing as well.

B) This is a reference to the image of the Sphinx from someone who has never seen a picture of it, or been there.

C) This is a picture of a native and someone from the east holding a Hawk over the head of an Egyptian.
The Hawk was the symbol of the virgin born offspring-god of Isis.

D) On the left is an example of the shape of the copper ingots found in Michigan and at Knossos.
Next to it, is a relief from Luxor with an Egyptian carrying one of the copper ingots. Notice the unique shape.

E) Example of Egyptian gold coins found in the Americas.

F) An example of an Egyptian Prayer stone found near the copper mines.

G) An obvious relief of an Egyptian found in the mounds.

H) Egyptian image found in the mounds.

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