John Lear Moon Photos-- Page 1

1) This is a section of the NASA photo AS8-12-2209 taken by Apollo 8 which includes the dark bottomed crater Lomonosov to the northeast of Mare Crisium just beyond the east limb or just beyond where we can see from earth. This photo can be downloaded at any site containing NASA Apollo photos. The artifacts that you see in this photo are more clear in photos NASA published before 1971 such as SP-246 "Lunar Photographs from Apollo 8, 10 and 11" (where this photo came from). In photos published after that date NASA artists became more proficient in airbrushing out material thought not suitable for the public. The colorized part of this photo in the upper left is a circular building and a pentagon shaped building In the lower right is what appears to be a spaceport with a tube to the right. There are 2 arches behind the spaceport. Of course it may not be a spaceport. The fact is, I have no idea what this interesting construction is.

2) This is a close-up of the circular building and pentagon shaped building to the lower left. Look at what appear to be lights or bright spheres on each point of the pentagon. These spheres, whatever they are, appear all over the place on this and other photos of the farside of the moon.

3) This is what I call the spaceport because of the futuristic shape of the facility to the left. Behind the spaceport you can See 2 arches. To the right of the spaceport you can see a tube which extends To the right and into the hillside. You can see several 'supports' which extend around the tube.

4) This photo of the spaceport has arrows which point to the Spaceport Terminal, arches, tube extending to the right and supports for that tube.

5) This is a photo of the crater Kepler taken by Lunar Orbiter 3 in 1967.

6) This is the same photo with several annotations. The white rectangle on the left surrounds an attempt to airbrush out something significant. The small circle at the bottom of the rectangle contains what appears to be a group of buildings. The square in the middle of the photo is what appears to be a strip mine. The rectangle on the right outlines what appears to be large buildings which may be a refinery of some sort.

7) This is a photo of same crater, Kepler, taken by Apollo 12, several years after the photo above, from nearly the same position. You can see that all of the 'interesting' shapes have been airbrushed out.

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