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Images of Dorothy Wilkinson-Izatt

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Captions by Researcher Peter Guttilla
Click on the thumbnail to view the full-sized image.

#1 Still photo from Super-8 movie film. From an example of Dorothy's remarkable "interior" footage (filmed inside an otherworldly craft), this still shows the arms and hands of an extraterrestrial. The right hand indicates only four digits with what may be webbing between the fingers. The alien's left hand is on what seems to be a control instrument. (See photo #2) Remember, this is in "motion" in Dorothy Izatt's original footage!

#2 An artist's sketch of Photo #1, based on computer analysis of the image.

#3 This image appeared in a bright burst of blue-white light. It was shown to Peter Guttilla in a sequence of "moving" images. The movement was clearly that of a figure clad in white in the foreground, followed by smaller figures in the background. All seem to be entering a corridor of light. (See Photo #4)

#4 Based on Dorothy Izatt's description of what she observed during filming, and by using a computer to carefully analyze the shadings and contrasts of Photo #3, researcher/graphics artist Lucy West produced this rendering.

#5 A structured disk-shaped object appeared and a beam of light projected from below. A smaller object (bottom left) descended the beam and moved toward Dorothy's position. The smaller object flew back and forth across the sky several times before ascending the light beam and re-entering the larger object. (This is in "motion" in the original footage!)

#6 Another UFO type. The underside of a very large object filmed by Dorothy Izatt. "This object was very large," says Mrs. Izatt, "and it lit up the whole area around my house. I took my camera and started filming...I have many frames of this one..."

#7 This shows the underside of a hovering disc-shaped UFO. Remember, this image is in motion in Mrs. Izatt's original movie film footage. Because a single frame of Super-8 film is the size of a child's pinkie fingernail, considerable quality is lost in the enlargement process.

#8 From footage of a "derby-shaped" UFO. In the film footage the UFO moves and rotates in response to Mrs. Izatt's request to see it from different angles.

#9 A hovering object with nearby light phenomena (bottom of the frame). Often smaller objects of light would approach closely to Mrs. Izatt while a larger object hovered in the distance.

#10 This still photo is from one frame of Super-8 film. There was no bleed-over onto adjoining frames. It shows the remarkable movement of a single object of light in 1/18th of a second.

#11 Another still photo from one frame of Super-8 film, showing the movement of a single object of light in 1/18th of a second.
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