Coast Memories 2005 - Part II

Here are some of the responses we received in our call for listeners to share their favorite Coast to Coast moment, dialogue exchange or revelation from 2005.

Greetings from a long-time fan of C2C, which I believe is the greatest program in radio history! Like every year, 2005 was filled with great moments on Coast to Coast AM! However, I think that 2005 will be remembered as the year of the coming of Ian Punnett as the regular Saturday night host! The "Bearded Ian Galleries" are among the most hilarious things that I have ever seen! Ian himself also has a great sense of humor, and I think that his extensive knowledge of theology will help greatly in the "search for the truth" that Coast to Coast AM constantly carries on! I also think that 2005 will be remembered for all of the great "Round Table" panel discussions and debates that George hosted! I believe that George is raising this great radio program to new heights of greatness. I also remember the night that Art had Ben Chertoff from Popular Mechanics Magazine on as a guest to refute many of the claims of a conspiracy surrounding the events of the infamous day known as 9-11! It was a great show and it proved that Art Bell is never afraid to face any issue, and to answer his critics! Even more, it reminded me of how great Art is! He answered all of his critics, even those that may have unfairly insulted him, without insulting anyone! Even though I respectfully disagree with Art and about the subject of 9-11 conspiracy theories, that show made me respect Art even more, if that's possible!

My favorite was an EVP of a man in an abandon hospital that was haunted. He tripped down the stairs and at the last step a little girl's voice says on tape, "Are you ok?". This was one of the first times I listened to the show, and after that I was hooked.
Christine L.

My favorite Coast to Coast AM memories this year are the ones where Dr. Morgus surprised George Noory when he showed up in the studio and the show where George had people telling him their favorite Art Bell memories for Art's birthday. Those two were some of the best Coast to Coast AM memories of 2005 ever!

Michael Tsorian's discussion about the Ananaki/Nephilum may have been the show of the year.
Ross L.
Salt Lake

Coast to Coast is this graduate student's best friend on those late nights when papers I have to write just won't get written or assignments I have to correct won't grade themselves. I'm thankful for everyone on the show keeping me company during 2005. Of all the topic-related memories of the year, I think back to the "Intelligent Design" panel discussion from November as a highlight. Just look at the news of late: Intelligent Design has sparked some heated discussions and even litigation. But it's not the Coast way to have uninformed talks or arguments. I think this panel discussion was my favorite night of listening because it was thought-provoking and very well done. Loyal listeners know you get a chance to listen to all sides of any story, digest it, and form a unique opinion. The panel discussion provided all that and more. Great job George and guests!
David F.
Knoxville, TN

Most memorable for me were hearing Joan Ocean and the woman who spoke telepathically with Keiko, the Orca who loved humans. Dr. Len Horowitz has had the most healthy impact on my family, as we do his 9 day fasts with cayenne pepper and special lemonade regularly now. Thanks so much.
Barbara P.

The best thing about 2005 is finding out George Noory will never retire!
Vickie W.
Arroyo Grande, CA

I feel most buoyed and hopeful by the guests who inspire us with new science for the positive advancement of humankind. For 2005 I would have to give the top honors in this regard to Dr. Leonard Horowitz. His report on human frequency enhancing methods and our spiritual connection to that put me in euphoric high-gear. I plan to incorporate his ideas into my new health regime for 2006! Thank you, George and crew, for hosting Dr. Horowitz! Pax in 2006!
Mission Viejo, CA

The memory I remember most is when the Space Shuttle was to return to Earth and both of you were up many nights along with me waiting for their safe return. I finally was able to sleep when the Shuttle touched down. First I cried, thanked GOD and then went to sleep. I was in bed holding very tightly my husband's hand until I heard someone on the ground saw the lights, then I started to cry. Richard Hoagland in his way can show me a sensitiveness that is very special.
Mary B.
Albany, NY

On Tuesday night, Dec. 27, 2005, a lady called in and said she would like to read a short four-line poem. The last line was: "primitive peoples hold the key." This poem has profound implications for saving the planet and humanity. I was sorry I was not alert and able to write down all four lines. Most listeners might have missed the power and the potency of the poem. It is the instruction of what may be the only way to save mankind.

The first time I ever heard of a "chupacabra" was on your show. The gentleman said he was in Mexico (I believe) and a very strange creature crawled out of a cave-like dwelling. This creature looked at him with the saddest look in its eyes and then crawled backed from whence it came. I thought your guest was a bit strange, but since I've heard of more sightings of this creature, I now am a believer. But, I've never heard anyone say it had it looked at him with "sad eyes" because most tales of this creature describe it as being ferocious or down-right scary. I've often wondered what "sad eyes" meant.
Patricia M.
Phoenix, AZ

During Art Bell's show on Oct 30th or 31st, after a caller shared a story about kids laughing in the woods, Art said,"that just scares the hell out of me."
Dave F.

I think that the best and most memorable moment and one that I personally loved was when George was "putting the screws" to the guy who said that he was a Big Foot hunter and he had one and film at 11 - you know everyone was waiting with bated breath and then this guy went and charged people in advance for seeing it on his website. Anyway, I wish that I could hear that one again! George is usually too nice to some people, but this time he held his ground and I think I heard some twisting of the knife as he sunk it into this dastardly fellow!

Dr. Morgus the Magnificent is my favorite guest.
Rose T.

The most memorable show for me was the interview with the two gentlemen on Sunday, January 23, 2005. I'm not sure that the information presented on project HAARP was meant to be pessimistic or optimistic. However presented, it was a fantastic topic to consider and could have profound impacts upon us all.
Richard C.
Waukesha, WI

My favorite memory of 2005 involved the sustainable energy program on November 19th, 2005 with guests David Sereda and Robert Plarr. For a lot of us listeners, I believe their revelations about future renewable energy sources changed our perspective in regards to energy. I never imagined that right now, we could all be sustaining our own homes including waste, drinking water, and useable energy without ever touching a speck of oil. Their show prompted me to go to my local university library to research renewable energy, WHAT A SHOW!
Dan C.
Toledo, Ohio

In 2000 I got my first computer and discovered a web site for Moon Anomalies. Having worked as a professional driver for a number of years I was convinced I was looking at roads on the moon's surface. The 'behavior' and movements all pointed that these are ROADS. Plus there were refueling stations and yards; it certainly looked that way to me. I never doubted my belief in it. Five years later, this past Fall, I heard Richard saying very clearly there are structures on the moon! Whoa!!! That was a huge moment for me! Someone else who knew the same thing!!! (My scientist husband had laughed at my 'Moon roads' five years ago, but he didn’t laugh that night.)
Elizabeth O.

When Richard C. Hoagland called in unannounced to speak with Ian Punnett and that "peak-oil pessimist." Ol' Ian has been pretty cool since that night (for a skeptic). Thanks for being there for us George; please keep up the good work!
Casey C.

Listening to a caller one night say an American city was going to be taken out and having a flash that the caller was right. Then it coming true. Then Art on for 5-6 hours after the Hurricane, like a flare walking ahead of us through the night. Waking up in the middle of the night tuning in and he's still on. Raw foods. Trucker stories. 9-11 Roundtable. Amityville rebroadcast. Serial killers. Orloff. Dannion. HAARP. Unforgettable stories open lines. Scariest moments. Brazil & UFO's. Roswell. End times. NDEs. Black budgets. Begich mind control. Rita open lines.
Cheryl B.

Ed Dames every time! Louis Touri's predictions were good too.

My belief in consciousness surviving death has been given tangible proof by the EVP recordings of Barbara McBeath and Brendan Cook of the Ghost Investigators Society who were guests on Coast to Coast. I put it to the test myself by purchasing my own digital voice recorder after hearing their recordings of spirit voices and found it to be absolutely real. I have been lucky enough to capture many spirit voices in places from antique stores to cemeteries. I have played my recordings for friends and family, and in so doing they now share the true knowledge of life after death. To find something that gives me proof of an afterlife, something that I am present for and witness, something that I can experiment with and hear my own results knowing them to be true because I myself gathered it has been a life changing event for me. Thank you Coast to Coast and many thanks to the Ghost Investigators Society.
Lori P.
Hanahan, SC

I liked the interview the Benjamin Creme when poor George got ill from speaking with him.
Will B.

When Sherry Steiger told how her little boy died so tragically, I wept for several hours after that just thinking about it. I just can't imagine how horrible it must have been for her. I have a young son, age 24. I am helping him to raise his little girl and little boy (8 and 6 yrs.). I also am raising their two half-siblings, ages 2 and 3 yrs. So there are 4 little kids living here with my son, my husband (age 68 and myself, almost 65). I can't even begin to think about something like that happening to one of my babies. I am so glad she saw his spirit come to her and tell her he was okay. I later gently told this story to my 8 year old granddaughter. She too was very moved by the story.
Lydia F.

Listening to the author of "The Biology of Belief" was overwhelmingly inspiring. Many many thanks for this show, George!

I listen to your program faithfully. The two guests were Dr. Turi (everything he says is fascinating) and mostly I enjoyed Jonathan Grey and his pictures. When he talked about the five cities that had been destroyed by nuclear bombs (although he only talked about the one in India). I would love for you to have him on again to tell us where the other four cities are. When I talk to people about your program and tell them to start listening to you, I always go about it by relating these two guests to them to twig their interest! Your show is fascinating and I'm sleep deprived but learning tons and enjoying every minute of it. Happy New Year and thank you for making my insomnia filled nights enjoyable.
Vallia Y.
Port Moody, B.C., Canada

The fantastic interview with Mr. Lyman, the ex-rancher who is now vegetarian because he knows how unsafe the meat industry is. This hit home because my favorite aunt died in the early '80s of CJD (had always lived in Calif.). Ironically my aunt's last name was also Lyman.
Ms. Finley

One of my favorite guests is Dr. Michio Kaku. I find the concept of the string theory and multi-dimensions intriguing, and his intellect probes adroitly into the terrain of modern knowledge and challenges the belief of our perceptions. He isn't dogmatic by clinging to his pet ideas, but accepts that his assertions are educated guesses regarding the composition and purpose of the universe. He inspires me to peel back the shadows of my concepts and thoughtfully pursue the light of knowledge that shines, though not always clearly, across the universes. I hope he will be on again, but then again maybe in another dimension he already has been on Coast to Coast, perhaps he is on even now. Happy New Year!
Kent M.
Norfolk, VA

The night when the staff at CtoC played trucking songs as bumper music for the entire show and annoyed poor George to no end was one of my favorites. If humor is the best medicine, I think I had an overdose that night. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year.

Well, my best memory from this past year was this one and I'll set the scene. I'm in bed with my Coast to Coast wire in my ear so that the sound of the radio does not interfere with my husband's sleep time. A caller was telling George of his experience meeting some sort of wild beast while he out in the bush late one night "relieving himself" . Then George said to the caller, "It was a pee-ping Tom!" I saw the humor in that immediately even if the caller did not. Have you ever tried to stifle a good laugh in the wee hours of the morning so that your sleeping spouse does not awaken? Our water bed became one jiggling mass of jelly as I attempted to hold in the laughter associated with that pun that George made. It was a beauty that is for sure! Fortunately, I didn't wake my slumbering spouse with all that suppressed mirth but did tell him about it a couple days later. There have been several primo memories from 2005 Coast to Coast but that is one I'll never forget because I do appreciate a good pun! George your timing and delivery of that pun was perfect!
Trapped in Canada

I listen to C2C everyday on my mp3 player at work. There were so many shows that I really appreciated: medical, science, conspiracy, aliens, and J.C. is always a treat. But hands down the best was Talking with Zetas. Poor Joe from Phoenix called in to ask Nancy Lieder, who communicates with the Zetas, who he might have been in his past life. Well they told him! He was a woman, somewhat handicapped, hunchbacked, great sense of humor and a very ugly face. He, I mean she, lived a long time, was very revered, but was large and lumpy with a twinkle in her eye as she looked at you sideways. George couldn’t contain himself, even after the break he was still laughing. I was working on someone’s house in their living room when I started laughing out loud with tears running down my face. They asked what was so funny. Try to explain that to someone who doesn’t listen to Coast. Thanks for all the shows Art, George, and Ian.
Northern California

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