Coast Memories 2005 - Part I

Here are some of the responses we received in our call for listeners to share their favorite Coast to Coast moment, dialogue exchange or revelation from 2005.

Hearing Dr. Morgus tell of his discovery of the speed of dark was fascinating. I enjoy all of your shows but this one has caused me to use my imagination. I now have discovered the speed of silence due to Dr. Morgus and will share with him the Nobel Prize. Happy New Year to all of you.
Sid B.

I thought that the best and potentially most important show was the one where Linda M. Howe presented her interview with former Canadian Minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer.
Bobby D.

I always still remember the Numbers Lady Glynis McCants, where she mention that 2005 was the year of water. And boy did we see lots of water everywhere here in the USA. It was a humid and rain filled summer here in New England and the East Coast. Also the water in New Orleans, so I hope you have the Numbers Lady on again and I hope she can give us a number for a dry year. Thatís my memory for 2005.
Alan R.
Revere, MA

George, I felt a need to write to you to let you know what a great fan my dad, Tom F., was of yours. He was an avid Coast to Coast listener since the early '90s. Late last August he suffered a stroke and was devastated that he could not listen to your program at the hospital or on the computer as he had done for years. We solved that problem, however, by putting them on a disk and bringing headphones to the hospital. He looked forward to hearing your program each day after his therapies to strengthen his weakened left side. All throughout the Fall his family would sit with him (with dual headphones) so he could hear your program. The nursing staff at the hospital/rehab center could not believe how devoted he was to your program. He was able to come home on Dec. 9th just 2 days after his 83rd birthday. He was so happy to hear you from home again. Just over a week ago, however, he developed a complication and passed away last Saturday. I wanted to personally thank you for making my dad's last years interesting.
Margaret F.

It was when Art Bell called into George's show and George thanked him for everything -- It was real subtle and fast. Art called in about some radio jamming rumor during the hectic relief rescue after Hurricane Katrina.
Drifter from the Swamps of Jersey

I want to thank you for your show. About nine months ago I was in a Spokane hospital waiting on the birth of my youngest daughter, Tia. I was alone in my hospital room, upset that I couldn't go home to Colville. George, you helped me from being alone. I have gotten about five nurses to listen to your show. As for Baby T, I had her in Colville on 4/4/05.

My wife Faye and I really enjoy Coast to Coast - your program is exciting, varied and interesting. Many of your guests are also very interesting. Graham Hancock stands out, probably because I have read a couple of his books (being a diver, "Underworld" fascinated me greatly).

Thanks for all the interesting nights.
Tom and Faye
British Columbia, Canada

Within the past couple months there was a show where people would call in to discuss their odd habits. One woman called up and said that her quirky routine was to pick out the rooster sperm out of her eggs prior to cooking them. Well, ever since she mentioned that I can't help myself from doing that too.

I enjoyed the interview George had with Ray Bradbury on Monday, April 11, 2005. I also loved this year's Ghost To Ghost with Art.

Some of the most compelling radio I've heard in a long time was during the approach of Hurricane Katrina. I remember one caller, who was directly in the storm's path, called in and talked to George about his decision to ride it out. That, along with the up-to-the-minute progress reports by Richard C. Hoagland, made for great radio! Also, enjoyed the shows with Dannion Brinkley! Always so positive and uplifting! Keep up the great work in '06!

So many hummmmm, I would say one show that sticks out would have to be Dr. Turi giving predictions with the dates for them to happen? But there are truly so many excellent ones which is a testament to the excellent work youíre all doing.

They were all so good, but my favorite was the night Dr. Kaku was on talking about Parallel Worlds. I could listen to him forever.

The best ever C2C moment was when I tuned in and heard that BIG FOOT HAD BEEN CAUGHT. I even got my recorder out and recorded it. Then I played it for a game warden here in Arkansas. WOW, Big Foot.
Al H.
Mountain Home, Arkansas

I think it was this year that Oscar kept calling and every time I heard him (her?) I had to laugh. I have to give all of you such credit Ė you are so patient with people who call and even some of the guests. I donít know how you donít just say sometimes, "Are you nuts???" I also enjoyed when Dr. Morgus talked about his pill to change water into gasoline and offered to put the distribution rights in Georgeís hands, cautioning that it would put his life in danger. I love Coast to Coast AM.
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Your guest Robert Felix (Not by Fire but of Ice - was incredible. I was very impressed with his views and ideas. Thanks George for the show(s).
Tom W.
Austin, TX

One of the best shows Ian did all year was the 10/1 show about microchips in clothing. George had a great show back in May with the Bigfoot Roundtable. And one last remembrance from this year are two sound clips George play mid-year: the exorcism that occurred in Russia and that horrible shrieking sound.

My favorite moment for 2005 was during the December 13th show in which George told Bev Harris to say, "I told you so" on the air. Earlier that day, news came out about Walden O'Dell resigning from Diebold and how the company mishandled the results for the presidential elections in several states. Harris has been working on this story for years and no one believed her. It was awesome to hear Harris tell the world that she was right.
Kristina R.

My favorite 2005 program has to be Dr. William C. Douglass, who spoke of the health benefits of tobacco, especially cigar smoking in moderation. It brought back fond memories of my grandfather, who hand-rolled his own cigars from leaves he had grown in his backyard. Grandad was a cigar smoker up to the final four days of his life, which ended at age 95.
Lloyd F.
Los Gatos, CA

One of my favorite interviews was when Art talked to a young lady who had gone through an afterlife experience. Unfortunately, I can't remember her name, but I do remember her talking about going down a long corridor with doors on either side. Some doors lead to what were obviously different hell scenarios while others seemed to open upon heavenly rewards. One doorway in particular perked my interest because it opened on space and there were what must have been souls leaving and arriving from all over the Universe. This has always been my hope of one of the afterlife abilities. Thank you and Coast is a great show.
Joe M.

There are so many memories, however, here are a few Coast memories that stand out: one is the time when a caller said he had captured a mini dinosaur and had it in a cage, and put his phone up to the cage and it made noises like ancient dinosaurs; another one is when "Oscar" called George for the first time and said that he was possessing a woman named Rachel; and the last one that I think stands out is when Dr. Morgus showed up on George's show as a surprise.
Lynda H.

The show that stands out for me is Dec. 6th when George and several guests discussed Project Serpo. It is so amazing to me that I check the website daily for any new information. I'm not sure if I want to believe it actually happened. Hard to imagine 12 people willingly left Earth for 13 years.
Dianne M.
York, PA

There are 3 compelling stories I heard on Coast to Coast AM. The most outstanding one about a woman called Francovitch, living in Florida, who used to walk her 2 guard dogs in the abandoned lime grove across from her apartment. The second about Jonathan Reed walking in the forest in the Seattle area - whose dog vanished while attacking an E.T. which Reed killed with a tree limb and conveyed to his home by car. The third about a young mother who stole a skull artifact from a New Mexico museum and the subsequent spontaneous fire in her apartment when the artifact went on fire. These are the most unforgettable incidents I have ever heard. Hope you can use them.
Montreal, Canada

My favorite moment was when Ian was talking to a guest about bird flu and he said, "How do we get bird flu? From the birds' SPIT?!?!"
Denton, TX

Humorous Memory: The call in which a man was witnessing a car full of elderly women beating up a guy who ran into them with his car. I don't think I've ever laughed as hard as I did that night. When the caller said, "She's a little Mother Goose lady," I thought I'd die!
Eerie Memory: The radio over which a voice kept repeating a man's name. The name happened to be the name of the man who purchased the radio; and the voice sounded like his mother's. His mother is dead! That still gives me goose bumps.

2005 had it's ups and downs... let's face it, a whole lotta downs, but C2C made things a little easier to take. Highlights for me were Ian Punnett's jokes, especially the one about the Man-Dog alarm clock! I still chuckle when I think about it. Anyway, here's my choice for who should play the roles if, and when, Hollywood decides to do The Only Movie That Dares To Tell The Truth! Coast To Coast AM - The Motion Picture!:

Jerry Stiller as Art Bell
Burt Reynolds as George Noory
Jimmy Kimmel as Ian Punnett
Christopher Walken as Richard Hoagland
David Spade as Major Ed "Doctor Doom" Dames
Jack Black as Intuitive Sean David Morton
Rita Rudner as Linda Moulton Howe
Samuel L. Jackson as Riley Martin
Dennis Hopper as Dr. Fred Bell
Bette Midler as Psychic Sylvia Browne
William Shatner as Father Andrew Wingate
Renee Zellweger as Numbers Lady Glynis McCants
Beverly D'Angelo as Dr. Evelyn Paglini
Bruce Willis as Alex Jones
George Clooney as Dr. Luis Turi
Leslie Nielsen as Dr. Morgus
Danny DeVito as Time Traveller John Titor
And Special Guest Star Rob Schneider as Man-Dog!

I can't wait! I'll be the first in line to see this Summer Blockbuster. Thanks to everyone at Coast To Coast for all the excellent shows. Take care and I hope you have a great 2006!
Dan W.
Southfield, MI

One speaker you've had in the last six months who I found both credible and articulate was John Lash who expounded on the Gnostic Gospels, or Nag Hammadi Library materials. Let's have him back as we need more sanity in our midst.
Jeanine M.

In Art Bell's interview, JAMES HOWARD KUNSTLER'S utter conviction and pragmatic perspective of the times ahead! No hocus-pocus, just the down-to-earth facts regarding oil depletion and suburban sprawl. His book, "The Long Emergency," is a first rate prediction without a crystal ball, without a horoscope, without a medium. Kunstler is channeling direct!

By far it has to be Oscar!!! Last year, late winter/spring, I would listen to Open Lines just waiting for Oscar to call. Of all the things on Coast to Coast last year, Oscar really sticks out in my mind. And I wish all of you on Coast to Coast, Art, George, Ian and support crew a Blessed New Year and look forward to another great year of shows.
Trey S.
Augusta, GA

My greatest memory of 2005 was my uncle and the mass consciousness [experiment conducted on his behalf]. My uncle, who is a hero and vet of the U.S. Army during WW2, had a heart attack and in his 80s didn't seem like he was going to make it. My family and I were worried because the doctors said he needed a six-way-bypass. Double and quadruple bypasses are tough, but a six-way for a person aged in their late 80s?! We were all praying but I felt our family needed more help, so I sent an e-mail to George. I begged and nearly cried writing the e-mail. I prayed that George would read my e-mail. In all honesty, I didn't think George was going to read it, considering that he gets tens of thousands of e-mails a day. Well that Friday, I screamed in joy when George read my e-mail, my plea, my cry for help. About a month later I contacted my relatives and they said the operation was a success! I fell on my knees and shouted to God, "THANK YOU" and thanked the millions of listeners of Coast in prayer for remembering my request. My uncle is resting now; he is on oxygen, but is doing fine. I've seen a picture of him and he looks frail, but his heart is healthier now and because of George and you Coast listeners his time was not up yet.

Thank you George and the folks from Coast, as well as the 10+ million listeners worldwide who did the mass consciousness... because of you my uncle is happy to be alive.

Thank you and God Bless you too,
Tim AKA Japanese_American from Coast Riders
Los Angeles, CA

Funniest Show Moments
October 14, 2005: J.C.'s Emergency Moment, "Insultated," Art Bell's puppet George, Boiling Pits of Sewage... that was a classic.
August 21, 2005: J.C. Speaks with Art Bell, Art's voice of the devil is hilarious, J.C.'s hell description, global warming caused by degenerate souls burning... another classic.
Best Show Overall
June 16, 2005: 9/11 Roundtable, so much information, passion, and George's refereeing!
Favorite Guest
Alex Jones

Thanks for the memories,
Daniel K.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

One night a man called the show to talk about experiences he had when he worked as an EMT. He described times when the person being resuscitated by a team in the ER appeared beside him as he stood in the hall--dressed exactly as they were when he picked them up so there was no mistaking that it was a different person--and complained to him that they wanted to be allowed to die rather then be resuscitated. He went on to add that doctors to whom he had talked said they had similar experiences. I wish George could have gotten that man as a guest.

All of the dialogues with J.C., especially the one where Art let him talk to callers. This guy's got a slick act. He should be doing stand up on TV. It's hilarious! Boiling pits of sewage and all. I still say it's UFO Phil. And then when Edna ran away with a Coast listener... those exchanges made me laugh through some hard times.

One of my favorite memories from C2CAM 2005, was back on Feb. 22, 2005 when George had Star Trek: Enterprise actress Jolene Blalock for the first hour guest! George asked some questions I had emailed in for her and her reaction to my name "BadBoy" was simply priceless! Richard Hoagland calling in and getting nearly speechless to speak to Jolene was fun too that night!
BadBoy at

I'll never forget George's interview on 7/14, with Patrick Heron. Patrick, in a wonderful Irish brogue, described the statuary depicting the Nephalim, calling attention to their "privy members!" I almost fell out, laughing! And George's attempt to let it pass made the phrase even more humorous! I'll never forget that hilarious Coast moment!

I will never forget the show you had playing the EVPs. A chill still goes through me when I think of the one about the people going to an old sanitarium. In the 'pool room' someone left the recorder on, and when they played it back you could hear a little girl saying, "Can't breath, can't breath." You could also hear splashing water, as if she were struggling, but the room was empty of any water. I am a 6 month listener of Coast to Coast but I'll tell you what, you got me hooked. Youíre the best!
Catherine K.
Las Vegas

There were so many great moments from which to choose for this yearís Coasties. My favorite came on December 9th, when Patrick from Corona, California checked in on the ďNine Lives Line.Ē His exchange with George was classic.

Patrick: I had a very, very complicated vision on Halloween, and, unfortunately, I donít think I can explain it in the allotted amount of time, but...
George: I understand.
Patrick: My soul-mate, Melissa, Iíve known her for thirteen years. We used to always go and see this band called Oingo Boingo. You heard of them?
George: What? Itís a bank?
Patrick: A band. We used to always see them on Halloween.
George: Oh, a band. Yeah.
Patrick: Yeah. And. OK, I finally figured out that Melissa is my soul-mate. And I wrote her this letter.
George: Does she know youíre her soul-mate?
Patrick: I donít know. I hope. I really hope so. But I wrote her this letter and it was kind of weird. It was like all this weird, abstract stuff thatís going on in my head.
George: Well, give me a little paragraph. Like what?
Patrick: Um, for instance: Three is a magic number. Somewhere in the ancient, mystic trinity you get three. Thatís a magic number. UmÖ
George: All right. And you, what, gave this to her?
Patrick: Yeah. One of my sixth senses detected a free-floating vapor apparition, at that party? Sixth senses detected a free-floating vapor apparition.
George: Well, you know what? We have to disconnect you now because you are deranged. And we get some of those, deranged callers.

The call came in about 4:22 AM eastern time. I had fallen asleep by then, but I actually woke up laughing when I heard it. Many thanks, George, Art, Ian... and Patrick, wherever you are now.
Tim L.
Buffalo, New York

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