Paul LaViolette Images
Pictured above is Dr. Paul LaViolette at the VLA radio telescope site near Socorro, New Mexico. He sent us the following images and captions to accompany his presentation:

Earth as seen during a superwave cosmic dust incursion. (photo composite depiction by Paul LaViolette)

Hubble Space Telescope deep field image showing distant galaxies. (photo courtesy of NASA, STSI, and R. Williams)

Ancient Egyptian cosmogony. The separation of Geb (earth) from Nut (sky) by their father Shu.

A representation of the Model G ether reaction system proposed in the physics of subquantum kinetics as the basis of all physical form. (P. LaViolette, Genesis of the Cosmos)

The Great Sphinx of Giza. (photo courtesy of Paul Wallace)

The B-2 Bomber in flight.

Galactic coordinate map showing the Sagitta constellation region, the location of key millisecond pulsars, and the location of the Galactic one-radian point. (diagram courtesy of P. LaViolette, 2005, The Talk of the Galaxy)

Sky map showing the constellations of Sagittarius, Scorpius, Aquila, and Sagitta. The arrow trajectory through the heart of the Scorpion as stated in myth is shown in relation to the Galactic center. (diagram courtesy of P. LaViolette, 1997, Earth Under Fire)

Galactic coordinate sky map showing the positions of the solar system, Vela supernova remnant, and Crab nebula supernova remnant relative to the terminal Pleistocene superwave. (diagram courtesy of P. LaViolette, 2000, The Talk of the Galaxy)