Hollow Earth Model
Matthew Taylor sent us some images and text to accompany their presentation tonight.

The Complete Shell Hollow Earth Model
The expanding hollow Earth model we have developed in our book 'The Land of No Horizon' does not include polar holes. Because of this, ocean levels and atmospheric pressure differences are able to build up within the Earth. The process where this excess water and atmosphere break out and equalize with the outside is what we have been looking for to explain the great flood mystery.

Large impacts indicate hollow planetary structure
Large craters have convex floors because most of the impact force in a large collision is spent deflecting the shell of the planet inwards. After the event the shell falls back out into balance with gravity to form a spherical surface once again. More info

Hollow planet structure solves the flood on Mars
With all the photographic evidence there is little doubt that a major flood occurred on Mars. This presents a problem. The atmosphere on Mars is too thin to support water in a liquid state. But the hollow planet theory provides a simple answer. As with the Earth, the atmosphere inside Mars built to sufficient pressure to allow water to exist. The flood resulted from a breach in the planetary shell allowing the water to escape to the outside surface. Afterwards, the released water boiled away in the low pressure atmosphere leaving the erosion seen today. More info