Responses to 'Intelligent Design'

After our panel discussion on Intelligent Design, we asked listeners to send us their views on the topic. Thanks to all who responded. Below is a sampling. Click here for Page 2.

The idea of Intelligent Design does not even rise to the level of theory. There is no evidence to support such an idea. This harkens back to the "man cast in God's image" theory. Nothing more than the arrogance of men to assert their "dominion" over the world. The tenets of religion and the tenets of science shall never meet.

In Buddhism, the essential meaning of the word "study" is the unceasing, dedicated observation and investigation of whatever arises in the mind, be it pleasant or unpleasant. Only those familiar with the observation of the mind can really understand Dharma.
-Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, "Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree"

I think we evolved, If we were designed by an intelligent force (be that God or aliens) then we aren't really designed that well are we?, we get sick real fast, die when severely damaged, one gene out of place and we end up not looking human at all, and the list goes on.. a fragile design to say the least (if we were designed of course). I'm not discarding the fact that there is a higher entity then us, I'm sure there is some purpose to this all, but us being designed?, I doubt it..

Nothing stopping the theory of a bigger/higher entity saying "here's a planet, here's the components, mix it all up and see where it goes", in that case it's a mix of evolving and designÖ

I am a non-religious but spiritual person. I believe one of the most telling proofs of intelligent design is the concept and understanding of the physics of flight in NATURE. For example, how would nature comprehend that lift plus momentum would cause a creature or object to lift off the ground or fly? You see this in birds and even seeds that have little wings. (The little "helicopter" like seeds that are dropped from some trees and spiral around to the ground AWAY from the parent tree so there is room to grow.)

I believe absolutely that we were created by God (intelligent design)...What are the odds that a single-celled animal or a lizard developed into a thinking and reasoning being such as us evolved randomly? I do not know exactly what God is, I just know that He indeed is. I believe.
--Gregory C.

I believe that God created everything and all intelligent life forms operate within the Universe that God created. Just because other life forms may visit from other dimensions, outer space, or even coexist on Earth does not mean that they are any less subject to God than anyone else. Technological advancement does not make any being superior to another being any more than greater intelligence, appearance, or any other variable. God is in charge!
-Dr. Michael B.

Human consciousness is what separates 'us' from the animal kingdom....Some call it the Divine Spark. No other species modifies its environment so as to allow more of his species to live there...i.e. increasing relative population density. We ourselves are intelligent designers. Finally, I suspect 'we' have been here much longer than usually believed, and Hoagland is right on in stepping back and observing the whole gamut of possibilities: "God" angels, aliens, robotics, etc
--Dave G.

I like the Watchmaker story. One day a native found a trunk washed up on the shore from a shipwreck. In the trunk he found all sorts of items, but the item that fascinated him the most was a pocket watch. It was still working. He took it back to the village and carefully observed the movement of the second and how it correlated with the movement of the minute hand and the hour hand. He learned how to wind the watch to get it going again. One day he was adventurous and was able to pry open the back of the watch. He was amazed at all the gears and spent the rest of his life studying the movement of all the gears. He was quite intelligent and, in time, was able to correlate the movement and position of each gears with the movement of the hands on the face of the watch. Although he was able to account for all the gears, he had no idea of the watchmaker who had designed and made the watch.

All science is based on theory (faith). You start out with a theory (what you believe to be true) based on what you observe. You then experiment and observe the results to see if they agree with your theory. Both Evolution and Creationism are theories. Neither can be proved nor disproved in the laboratory. As long as they remain theories, there is no issue. The issue arises when one is stated as fact.

I personally subscribe to Creationism. For me, the problem with Evolution is that there are no transitory evidence of species transition in the fossil records Ė no fish with feet, no land animals with fins. If Evolution did happen, one would expect there would be fossils everywhere of one species transforming into another. The most meaningful statement on Evolution I have heard is that there is a greater probability of an F5 tornado going through an aircraft junkyard and assembling a 747 out of the debris than intelligent life springing from some organic soup.
--John H.

Intelligent design should be taught only as an elective class. It should be taught in the same vein we teach mythology. Teachers should receive penalties if they present the class as factual. I also think parents must sign permission slips to have their children take any Intelligent Design course. Evolution should always be part of the main curriculum.

It's quite obvious that everything is of an intelligent design. Darwin saw a pattern, but misread what he was looking at. It's not Evolution. It's the scientific process of building. If we were still evolving, then where are all the man-apes? There are none. Chimps have 97% of Human DNA for a reason. They are one of the final revisions prior to the creation of the Man models. What Darwin was looking at was model revisions. This can be seen in everything around us in all life forms.

Darwin was close but, we all know how much good close does us. The proof is in the DNA all living things share, it's just a matter of degrees on the creationary dial. Start by looking at single celled life and then go to multi-celled creatures. From there, well, you should be getting the big picture by now. Just think about it, how would you create LIFE? Where would you begin? Would you begin with the final product or start with the base of all life? I believe that this is the only answer that anyone could logically come to if you look at all the evidence we have to date. You decide.
--Mark D.

Although I do believe there is a higher power, I donít believe this is something that should be taught in a science class. Look, we donít teach Spanish in math and we donít teach carpentry during physical education. Intelligent design is simply not scientific, it has religious undertones and should be taught in a class that teaches spiritual thought. First of all you canít prove the existence of God using the scientific method and certainly canít prove that the one God concept as opposed to many gods created life on Earth, and to take it even further you canít prove Christianity and its many permutations as some sort scientific explanation for life on this earth.

Believe as you wish, but to call something science one must abide by its underlying principles. Once these principles are compromised you do not have science, you have magic, folklore, and superstition, the irrational and the returning of the human species to the age of grunts, groans and mixed up ideas.

It seems to be human nature to want to believe there is someone looking out for us, someone better than us, someone in charge, someone we can cry out to in our confusion and pain. Otherwise, what a mess if we're the ones in charge. Truth is, I don't believe it, but I find comfort in it anyway. Who ever said life made sense anyway.
--Betty H.

Just goes to show GOD was always right. The human ego always gets in the way of great thinking. The proverbial it was my idea first. The true intellectual always finds more. That is why intelligent design has us all fooled. Some still think slime was the answer. Did one think it was God's slime? Did one ever think God rolled the dice to make a "big bang"? All human pursuits always can be linked to a single word; "omniscience". I am certain God is the great empiricist, and others pursue that "gut feeling" known as the Holy Spirit only to find their conversations with God.
--David K.

Zecharia Sitchin has it right. We were genetically engineered by highly advanced ET's. As various Coast guests have pointed out, the evidence is in the Sumerian tablets, in the bible, in our genes and on Mars. Any other ideas are just idle speculation or wishful thinking about humans controlling their own destiny. Sitchin readers know that the Anunnaki had a debate about whether they were "playing god" when they created us. They themselves must also believe in a higher intelligence that choreographs all events in this universe. This higher power is the "god" that all religions worship and many new agers recognize.

The belief of science, that the human body which is so complex that to this day the most brilliant minds still do not understand how much of it works came about as a random act much like a leaf being blown about by the wind, is absurd. The most advanced medical science cannot even successfully construct a relatively simple device such as a self contained human heart without running into many complications yet again they suggest that all of the most complex and interacting systems in our bodies "just happened" or evolved.

Take any one of them, the respiratory, circulatory, immune, reproductive systems etc. and anyone can tell you that even alone they are a marvel of design and when they are joined together to work in perfect harmony you can only reach one conclusion. Add to this the marvels and complexities of nature and all of creation and you will see as God says, that nobody has an excuse for not believing in him. You will NEVER prove god's existence by scientific method, this is his plan, it is all about FAITH!! This comes as you seek him.

I think since the first man looked up at the stars, people have been thinking about the question of intelligent design. Most of my life I too have asked many questions in the search for a God. I was very happy that you did this show. As I listened to your guests last night, it did give me a little better understanding of the creator. But for the whole picture, it only gave me a hint or two. So far in my search, neither scientists, scholars, priests or different religions have a lot of the answers. In my heart I feel that there is a God. The more I look the more I believe that he is above our understanding. Stop a second and take a real good look around you. If God is able to create such an amazing Universe, what makes us think that us grains of sand can understand something so great? But I do believe our search for God will brings us closer to him.
--John S.

Everytime this topic gets cranked up it surprises me that the "Who" always outweighs the "Why". For as long as we humans have pondered our creator, seldom does anyone ask "Why?" where we created. "Why are we here?", is a far easier question to answer, obviously because this planet can sustain our species. I think at some point it will become just as obvious why our species has been chosen to thrive on this rather isolated blue planet. Unfortunately, it will most likely be that we've been raised as a food source for a dying planet just as we raise cattle to advance our own species. Wouldn't that suck???
--Roger M.

At one point of the discussion, the argument boiled down to Faith vs. Science. Because of our short sighted and mortal egos we don't see that even though science categorizes ideas into three areas: hypotheses, theories and scientific laws, there is a bigger picture. If we think outside this box to eternity instead of just the near present, we should see that we today are no better off in understanding the overall plan than our forefathers, whose laws of fire were a huge achievement of science. Today we are subject to the same interpolation times infinity. Each of the three areas of science would become merely different degrees of Faith. So faith is science.
--Len B.

I am so tired of the Darwinist ideology that we are just higher forms of animals. See what that has led to with our children being taught this in our government schools over the last 40+ years. There is a God, and He lives in my heart, and His name is El Gabor (God Almighty), Everlasting Father, Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, and we know Him as Yeshua (Jesus). He is "The Word", and His spoken Word, brought it all into being. ALL THINGS WERE MADE BY HIM!
--Roger W.

Having witnessed the design process so many times, with all the interactions necessary for life to exist and continue here, how could anyone think it is not by design?
--Jack S.

I didn't catch last night's program, but in hearing other such discussions of the intelligent design issue, I find that most of the people discussing it do not seem to really understand science. By way of background, I am a scientist with a PhD in the Geosciences. The scientific method consists of building a model that describes a set of observations. In order to be able to prove the model true or false, it must have testable components.

Intelligent design starts with a conclusion rather than letting the facts dictate the conclusion. Moreover it does not consist of testable components. God is not a testable hypothesis. How does the "intelligent designer" affect the changes that change species? What is the physical mechanism by which these changes are enacted? Since intelligent design does not have testable hypotheses, it can't really be considered a valid scientific model. Thus it should not be taught in science classes.
--Bill F.

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