Ed & Kris Sherwood Presentation
Ed & Kris Sherwood have sent us the following images and captions as part of their presentation this evening:

1) Deciphered Crop Circle Pictogram Depicting the Physics and Metaphysics of ‘Sound’
Reported: June 6th 1990, Chilcomb, Wiltshire, England Diagram Copyright 1990 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

2) UFO Over Costa Mesa
Photographed: June 20th 1999, Costa Mesa, California, USA
Photo Copyright 1999 Tom Augustine/Courtesy of David Mitchell

3) Deciphered Crop Circle Pictogram Combining a ‘Disk’ and ‘Dolphin’ Design Theme
Reported: August 1st 1991, Beckhampton, Wiltshire.
Silhouette Drawing © 1993 John Martineau

4) Deciphered Crop Circle Pictogram ‘Affirming’ the July 11th 1991 UFO Sightings Over Mexico and More
Reported: August 22nd 1991, Tawsmead Copse, Nr. West Stowell, Wiltshire.
Silhouette Drawing © 1993 John Martineau

5) An Illuminated ‘Disk’ Rises Above Tawsmead Copse
Witnessed: August 28th 1992.
Photo Illustration © 2003 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

6) ‘Ball Plasma’
Photographed: July 28th 1992, Overton Hill, Nr East Kennett, Wiltshire.
Photo © 1992 Maria Ward

7) One of Four ‘Ball Plasmas’ Filmed Interacting with Observers Before, During, and After, a Group Meditation
Filmed: August 3rd 2003, Wiltshire, England
Video Still Copyright 2003 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

8) Interactive Luminous Energy in the Form of Spiraling ‘Mist’ and ‘Orbs’
Witnessed and Photographed: December 22nd 2000,
Rock Rest Vortices, Santa Monica Mountains, California.
Psychic Photography Experiment - 22
Photo Copyright 2000 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

9) Digital Flash Photography of Rain and Condensed Breath
Recorded: July 2000, Topanga, California
Photo Copyright 2000 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

10) ‘Spirit Tipi’
Photographed: July 26th 1999, ‘Moon Tipi’, Ojai, California
Photo © 1999 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

11) A Visualized Crop Circle Formation
Group Meditation held: July 22nd 1992,
Woodborough Hill, Nr. Alton Barnes, Wiltshire
Silhouette Drawing © 2002 Ed Sherwood

12) The Visualized Pictogram Appears at ‘Roundway’
Discovered July 23rd 1992, Roundway, Wiltshire
Photo © 1992 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

13) The ‘G – Impact’ Comet Fragment Effect in the Atmosphere of Jupiter
Occurred: July 18th 1994.
Photo © 1994 NASA/JPL Educational Services

14) The ‘Roundway’ 1994 Crop Circle Pictogram Glyph
Silhouette Drawing © 1996 Wolfgang Schindler

15) The Roundway Crop Circle Formation
Reported July 27th 1994
Photo © 1994 Ed Sherwood

16) Unidentified Flying Humanoid Filmed Above Santa Monica
Filmed: November 27th 2004California, USA
Photo Copyright 2004 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

17) Unidentified Flying Humanoid Filmed Above Mexico City
Reported: June 17th 2005
Photo Copyright 2005 Horacio Roquet/Courtesy of Santiago Yturria

18) UFO ‘Fleet’ Filmed Above San Luis Potosi
Reported: June 24th 2005, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Photo Copyright 2005 Rosario Oviedo/Courtesy of Santiago Yturria

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