Halloween Gallery I --- 2005
Thanks to all who answered our call for "spooky art" to accompany this year's Ghost-to-Ghost broadcasts. Below are some of the most intriguing responses we received. A second batch of images will be featured on Monday night.

When Fear Meets Fate
--Philip Spencer

Monstrorum Lux
This is art I've done in the ACEO Art Card format-- the size of a trading card. I sell them on eBay "KUDZUKRZ".

The Change
I'm from Whitesburg, KY......Love the show and listen to it on XM Radio everynite....!! Just an acrylic painting I did.
--James     bladewarrior@tvscable.com

This is a metal wire sculpture inspired by a childhood nightmare.     --Clyde Oishi     oishiart@yahoo.com

Thia artwork is made out of pipecleaners and felt. It's a depiction of a town in the woods of Connecticut, that was suddenly abandoned because the inhabitants claimed to see evil hooved creatures coming out of the woods.     --Nick Payne     nicholas.payne@gmail.com

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