Unusual Craft
We received a couple of illustrations from Mark McCandlish along with his explanations:

This is a drawing based on an eye witness description given to artist Mark McCandlish by Sean David Morton, based on a sighting he had while at a site that permitted viewing of the airfield at Area-51 around 1992. The craft was extremely large, and was using what appeared to be internally mounted jet engines vented and vectored through a number of thrust "nozzles", providing stealthy operation.

This is a cutaway illustration of the so-called "Alien Reproduction Vehicle" or "Fluxliner" as it is sometimes called. The crew compartment is a composite sphere, surrounded by a large coil of copper-colored wire embedded in a greenish, glass-like material. The central column holds the secondary windings of this very large Tesla Coil device. The base of the vehicle is about twenty four feet in diameter and is made up of 48 individual asymmetric plate capacitor sections, each having eight plates. By varying the amount of electricity pulsed at each section from the central column, and exploiting the Biefield Brown Effect, maneuvering control can be achieved.