Punnett's Poem
On the occasion of the 4th anniversary of 9-11, Ian Punnett presented an original poem on Saturday night's show.
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Punnettís Poem

They were called up for active duty

And deaths they did not deserve

Fighting terrorists in stolen jets

With just office supplies and nerve

Three thousand killed for beliefs twisted

Other than their own

Working at their desks or sitting

On flights that wonít come home

And in the end, I donít give a damn

About the reason for this attack

I just want those towers to stand

And I want those people back

Our servicemen and women choose

To sign up, fight and die

But victims like these donít get a vote

Of God they must ask "why?"

Two tall towers of steel and glass, four planes

And the Pentagon

Full of people with briefcase shields

Once here but now are gone

I pray I could return my clockís hands

Before the blue sky turned to black

Because I just want those towers to stand

And I want all those people back

But we sure showed those bastards, didnít we?

We brought the war to them

The next time with more than just office supplies

We took out the Taliban

And the world is better off without Hussein

And we ought not to forget it

Even if the war was--is wrong

Most Iraqis donít regret it

Yet Iíd present Al-Qaeda with Afghanistan

For Saddam, gift wrap Iraq

If I could see those two towers stand

Once more

And I could have those poor people back

© Ian Punnett, 2005