David Oman Images
We received several images from David Oman along with these captions:

This photo was shot at the first paranormal investigation which took place on August 9th 2004, the 35th anniversary of the Tate Murders. It was taken with 800 speed 35 mm film in my living room, this is not a camera strap which was around my wrist at the moment the picture was taken. It appears to be a cluster of orbs. I have taken other pictures at other locations with the same formation of orbs but in white.

This photo shows Morgan, a psychic investigator, who at the moment the pic was taken was telling me to shoot the pic as she felt the presence near her. As the picture shows, she has an orb next to her arm. Digital picture set at 800 speed. Taken on the 2nd investigation in my downstairs August 31st 2004.

This picture was taken on the 35th Anniversary. There is a large orb in the window and a smaller one just inside of it. This is taken with the same 35 mm film as the first picture. I call it the pregnant orb. The window and the screen door were both open at the time the picture was taken.