Coast Memories: 2003
We asked people to write in and share their favorite moment, dialogue exchange, or revelation that they heard on Coast to Coast during 2003. Here then, are some of the responses we received:

Here's my picks for 2003 Coasties:
Coastie for Episode of the Year: 2.1.2003, the Columbia Crash disaster coverage. After careful deliberation, looking at the strengths and weaknesses of all episodes, no episode captured the spirit of Coast more than this episode. The marathon length and diverse opinions and reflections by an array of Coast regulars made it a proverbial "wake" for the many in the Coast family struck by the tragedy. Perfectly embodies Noory's mantra of "we're all in this together."

Coastie for Caller of the Year: 5.23.2003, Demonic Possession Line, "Poo Boy" The kid who called in and said he was possessed by a demon and it, sometimes, made him "eat my own poo." Noory's concerned "oh, no" lives on to this day as the most hilarious thing I've ever heard.

Just discovered the show December of last year and I'm addicted. Keep up the good work and I hope Noory is doing well after his time traveling.
Tim Binnall
Burlington, MA

Our favorite show which is very life changing is the October show on the Moller Sky car! We have researched the Sky Car tremendously and now are buying as much stock as we can afford to! We are attempting to start a fan club and or telling everyone to really look into the Moller Sky car (MLER) soon to be on the NASDAQ and just about to bring in a huge royalty on Mollers engine! We hope that you will inform everyone once again about the Moller Sky car and that anyone can buy into this company! Thank you very much.
Trevor and Sunisa

I would have to say that my favorite C2C Moment occurred several weeks ago on "Open Lines" when a lone truck driver called in and began telling a long depressing story about "smoking" and being on the road alone. Her voice cracked and she started crying. George Noory handled this caller so well. It was an extremely touching and sensitive moment.

The first time I heard Laurence Gardner (late winter - early spring 2003). To me, his discussion with regards to lineage, Annunaki & the "gold" power was incredibly fascinating. -J.M. S.

Of all the very wonderful and profound moments from the past year, the one caller I can't forget is the one who .....just a couple weeks ago called in to tell about his nightmare to George. He described his nightmare and said it ended with him looking out of a window and seeing a boxer dog running backwards down the street. I can't seem to get that "vision" out of my mind, and it makes me smile every time. When I first heard it, I laughed so loud that it scared my cat.....who was in bed with me at the time. Love you all...........
Juanita from New Mexico

When Glenn Steckling of the George Adamski Foundation was the guest. That was the most important interview ever done on Art Bell or Coast to Coast... nothing else ever talked about rivals his interview for sheer truth or importance to our world. If I could pick one moment, I would say the moment Glenn cleared up about the issue of the book "pioneers of space" by George Adamski, since most skeptics use that book to try and bash Adamski.

My favorite moment was when a man, with a very heavy drawl, called and told Art this story: This man was outside with his dog one evening when he saw a UFO. After a short elaboration about the craft and lights, he told Art how upset he was that they performed an anal probe not only him, but on his dog as well. These are the gems that come from unscreened lines. You could tell it wasn't factual, but VERY entertaining. Of course Art laughed that great laugh of his, as I am sure most everyone else did that heard the man and dog's "experience."
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all at C2C!!

When George got the Astronomer/debunker and the Zeta lady on at the same time about the coming of the planet x theory. She goes into zeta talk and you can almost hear the guy laughing and refuses to speak to her in that zeta state of mind. There's a sitcom in there.
Carlos Duran

A favorite moment was with the electronic voice phenomena in the graveyard. Art said it would be one of the scariest things heard, and by Jove, when that entity said "gettt outttt" my skin departed my back and walked by itself to the nearest small firearms store, not that a gun would do anything to a ghost, hahaha.
Ben S.

My favorite moment was on May 15th, when Planet X unveiled itself only to destroy all life on Earth as we know it.
Tinamarie Ivey
Eureka, CA

I'll never forget the time George was talking to a woman caller who said her husband told her he had been abducted by aliens and when he came back a day later, she said he didn't have his wedding ring on. George started to laugh and kept apologizing for laughing. This was about 3 in the morning and then I started to laugh and couldn't stop, even through I was trying to go to sleep. I'll always remember that moment, it brings a smile to my face. Thanks George!

From mid-November maybe, something like this: George: How's it going?
Caller: Gotta tell ya, I'm tired.
George: Oh yeah?
Caller: Working hard.
George: Whacha doin'?
Caller: Fightin' zombies.
etc. Caller goes on to discuss in vaguest terms his location (around the kansas-missouri border) and occupation as zombie killer. He parts with the advice to always go for the head when confronting zombies. Good stuff.

One of my favorite shows was Art's farewell. There were so many callers wishing him the best. It showed that he was loved and a well respected man. Coast to Coast show expands our knowledge and our minds and allows everyone who listens to explore and learn new things everyday. I know, Art's farewell show wasn't during the '03 year, but it was less than a year ago.
Jose B.

OneFriday night during open lines I had fallen asleep with the radio on. I had this weird dream about a white "flat" creature that had 2 eyes on top. I saw it by the road, and it slid off into some trees and disappeared. The next day I checked out stories on the internet site, and lo-and-behold... Under "Friday Recap" was a story that someone had called in about a white "flat" creature! Coast To Coast can give you some weird dreams! I actually thought it was kinda cool....
Mike in Chandler Az.

After 40+ years after having seen a non-ballistic, tangible 'neck-hairs-curling' device... I realize that the Lear Briefing has enlightened and frightened me. Please continue to broadcast the truth and present the document of the epoch to our world.
Michael Z. Hi all , the best moment by far hands down , was the John Learr briefing to Art Bell. I thought about that for months, and still do. Drove me to drink!
Martin P.

I truly enjoyed Daniel Thomas McAneny who appeared on July 6th with Barbara Simpson. Listening to him on this show was a healing experience. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and am in almost constant pain. The pain has gotten so bad at times that I have lost hope and become depressed. Daniel's message that we are all one. That life does have a wonderful meaning, that we are living multiple lives all at one time was such a uplifting , hopeful message that it literally got me out of my "slough of despond" and changed my perspective!

I ordered his book and think about aspects of it every day. To those of us who suffer from chronic pain and can't take much pain medication (as it is so addictive) this show was a Godsend!! What a gentle, happy, LOGICAL, message too! You just don't know how many of us can't sleep with our various ailments that sit up listening to your show and experience "leaps of wonder" that actually overcome the pain we are feeling. God Bless your show!
Lisa W.

Early in Art's interview with Dr. Brian Weiss, the doctor told about a fellow M.D. with terrible back pain that resisted all attempts at fixing -- when Art mildly interjected "I KNOW PEOPLE LIKE THAT..." Dr.Weiss, apparently unaware of the significance of Art's comment, barely missed a beat as he continued telling about the successful outcome with past life regression. The way Art said it--then let it pass without mentioning just who he was referring to-- had me and surely thousands of others laughing out loud.
Mike M. in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

I believe one of my favorite moments was when George interviewed the Wiccan lady and she told us what God said to her. She spoke about the differences in the trees, religion, interpretations of God, and how each one was unique. Without the differences of everyone and everything God would not exist. I would really like to hear her tell it again, or at least read what she said word for word. Thank You for everything coast to coast has done for this world. The knowledge, entertainment, and the professionalism it gave to me and many others, may it live on forever... -_-

When, after we solved the "Mysterious and Reassuring" post, at Fantastic Forum, George announced the much awaited return of the Master, Art Bell. Also the 'John Lear briefing' that was given to Art by John and by Art to coming guests...
Dale C
Fantastic Forum

The best moment for me was last night when James McCanney told Art, “Nasa spent millions of dollars to develop a pen that would write in space – the Russians use a pencil" ☺
Joey A.

The sacred order of the declawed gerbil. Art responds with laughter. His merriment brightened my day.

My favorite guest without a doubt would have to be Father Wingate on his prediction of an explosion that was to happen within a 90 day time frame-- it came true as the space shuttle ripped open and exploded into smithereens across the southern United States. His predictions have me obsessed and wonder when you will have him on Coast to Coast with further predictions. I am not glorifying Father Wingate or the space shuttle incident, but in this case maybe you should have him on the show a bit more after such an accurate prediction.

John Lear's disclosure has to be one of the most radical and impacting conversations this year.

My favorite moment of 2003 was when George had a special line open for people who had an alien or a space craft in their possession. The best one was when a guy called in and talked about an alien him and his friends found in the woods. He talked about how they kept it in a cage in his basement and how he didn't like to let it out. I thought that call was great and I think it should be included in the great moments of Coast to Coast in 2003.

The scariest thing I have ever heard was when George told the "shadow lady" to communicate with the shadow on the wall, and the shadow responded!

"Baby Clown" had to be the bestest funny I have heard since Art glued his lips together a few years back! Thanks for the laughs.
Charlene :-)

The boy scout who encountered a UFO 1969 in Gaithersburg Md while on a one night campout behind his scoutmaster's house in a field. He and his friend encountered extraterrestrial life and humanoid figures at which time he was given an equation by the alien that he encorporated it with a UFO investigator's equation years later. The equation showed that their are unique frequencies linked to quantum multi universal telepathic communication with the universal consciousness…He is currently writing a book entitled The Link.

Theeee moment when it was announced that Art Bell would return!!!!!!!!yesssssssssssssss. I almost had an orgasm, and I'm a non-gay male. How about that? best to all,
Gregg Crisp in Hollywood, FL

Two of my favorite 2003 C2C clips:
1. On the November 23rd, 2003 broadcast Art Bell asked Matthew Alper during the interview what would happen if the world embraced his theory and no longer believed in God. Alper responded. "Well, the world would be my slave race..."
2. On the December 13, 2003 broadcast about to start the interview with Nick Begich, Art Bell starts to impersonate Rush Limbaugh.
David Lee Rickman II

The most memorable and fascinating moment this year for me was when a caller told George that he was an "energy vampire" currently on the prowl in a major city at that moment. That was VERY interesting and quite shocking!
Jordan White

The most memorable moment on C2C for me this year was the night the war on Iraq began. Steven Quayle was the guest. It was fascinating.
Andy DeJoseph

I can't remember which exact show it was, but, it was a show when Art Bell was talking about the misbehaving sun. A man called into the show and said he was the world's top physicist and that the White House listens to everything he says. He said he was using Barium to hold back the sun from going super-nova. Do you remember that show? I killed myself laughing over the conversation Art had with that guy. I wish I could remember which show it was, but I can't off the top of my head.
Arlene Longson

I would have to vote for a segment or two from the April 16 2003 Michio Kaku interview. This was one of the interviews where Dr. Kaku discussed alot of the subjects in his Visions book. Mainly any one of the segments where Dr. Kaku talks about the future in the next 100 years, such as robots being only as smart as " a retarded cockroach" today.
Respectfully Yours,
Keith Woznica

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